Cap’n Jim’s Top 5 Drink Recipes

Drink Recipes

Ahoy, all ye lubbers, scoundrels, ruffians, rogues, and salts! Now I have heard tell among the crew that me reputation may not be as stellar as it once was. Aye, yer Cap’n be known as many things — pirate, lover, entrepreneur, and man about beard. Indeed I have spent many hours pontificating on the subject […]

The Playoff Beard!

Playoff beard

Ahoy, Mateys! Today, let’s talk about another of the beard’s many functions – as a good luck charm. Now, mind ye’, the Cap’n has always known that. He’s been marauding through the Seven Seas for a very long time and his beard has kept him in luck – ye know, good mates, good wenches, good […]

Home Remedies for the Beard!

home beard remedies

Ahoy, Mateys! As ye know, the Cap’n is a big fan of home remedies for yer best asset. Why? ‘Cause ye know what the little birds say about the Cap’n: “cheap, cheap, cheap.” Seriously, this here swashbuckler doesn’t want to spend a hook and a leg on beard products. Hence, the Cap’n has put together […]

Life (and Price) Hacks for your Beard!

Ahoy, Mateys! Yer Cap’n was just surfing the interwebs to stay on top of what the beard community is chewing the fat about and noticed a very, very concerning trend: people tryin’ to sell ye shite in the disguise of informative blog posts. And all the Cap’n can say to that is “Argh!” That wasn’t […]

GRAYBEARD: A Beardnificent Pirate Tale

By Cap’n Jim Blackbeard for Men    CAPTAIN PHINNEAS J.GRAYBEARD was in a proverbial pickle. Cabin wench “Voracious” Velia Vavoom, as always overflowing her bustier, pressed her cutlass to Graybeard’s crotch and sashayed into his face. “Who be she?” she demanded. “I can smell her all over ye. Who’ve ye been sticking yer belaying pin […]