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Blackbeard for MenTM be founded by Cap’n Jim and his crew of scurvy sea dogs in 2012, when the intrepid buccaneer discovered a wintry forest creeping into his dashing pirate goatee. He looked starboard and he looked aft, but couldn’t find a solution (ye be readin’ all about it below, arr). So he battened down the hatches and created Blackbeard for Men for himself and any lad (or lassie) that needs it. Mateys, let yer jolly roger fly high! The Cap’n’s got yer back. To find out more about Blackbeard For Men, read this interview with founder Cap’n Jim.



Do you know what really caused Rome to fall?
Blackbeard for Men’s Cap’n Jim
explains in this ridiculous video.

Ahoy, mateys!

Cap’n Jim here. Men’s facial hair be tendin’ to gray faster than the hair on our roguishly handsome heads. Argh! (That be not a righteous ARR! mind ye, but a shout of dismay.) I’m sure there be some scientific explanation for this, but here be what the Cap’n knows about it: it sucks. Assuredly I don’t want to be lookin’ like that scurvy ol’ seadog Greybeard himself. I be havin’ some gray in my hair, sure, but there be serious full-on WHITE in me beard, mustache and sideburns. Shiver me timbers!

If ye be like me, ye probably dealt with this as a three-step process:

Step One: lgnore it.

Most of us proud scalawags are not really aware how much older our gray facial hair be makin’ us look; or we be deludin’ ourselves into thinking that it looks “distinguished” and we be all shipshape. Besides, the gray creeps up on us pirates slowly indeed, so what at first be no big deal suddenly becomes, “Ahoy, Grampa!” Again, I say, argh!

Step Two: Try in vain to deal with it.

Upon finally realizing that the gray be a problem, we be seekin’ solutions. And the only solution that be available to us swabs ‘til now is Just for Men Mustache & Beard (or a henna beard dye that requires multiple applications to build up any intensity of color.) So we purloin a box from the local drugstore, momentarily excited that we found a way to lick the gray, we have.

Until we try using the stuff.

Okay, first of all, ye only get three applications per box. So if ye be like me, and yer beard and mustache grow rapidly, that means within a day or two after applying Just for Men Beard & Mustache, ye already got gray roots, and within a week ye have to do the whole painstaking application process all over again. (Note: Blackbeard for MenTM works well at touching up those roots, if ye still be likin’ yer beard dye fer some reason.)

Speakin’ of the application process, the harsh chemical smell knocks ye for a loop. Almost killed me parrot, it did! For sure, applying the product be a pain, and ye have to breathe these acrid fumes for five minutes and then take a shower. That be a lot of time and hassle, pirates. Wouldn’t ye rather be weighin’ anchor, hoistin’ the mizzen, and buyin’ a pretty lass a bottle of rum, rather than be stuck in the bathroom?

So again, if ye mateys be like me, ye soon throw in the towel and go to…

Step Three: lgnore it again.

Which brings us to now. See, with a tip of the hat to Sy Sperling of Hair Club for Men, I be not only the Cap’n of Blackbeard for MenTM, I be also a client. ARR! (Now that be a real, pirate Arr this time, lads.) I be livin’ this stuff. I knew there had to be another way. I envisioned a gray beard solution that applies in seconds, not five-plus excruciating minutes. I wanted something ye could apply easily, daily, so as to keep up with roots. I wanted something that wears well, looks natural, and most importantly, has no harsh chemical odor — or side effects like burning or itching or drying. And I wanted something that ye could use to touch up just a few spots of gray on yer beard, mustache – and sideburns and eyebrows too! By the by, that be somethin’ NO dye can do – touch up yer eyebrows. Can I get a “Yo ho ho” here, pirates?

So working with a leading cosmetics manufacturer, we developed Blackbeard for MenTM Formula X, a long-wearing, patented, topical colorant. It looks natural, be water resistant, uses only proven safe, tested and mild ingredients used fer years in cosmetic products, wears 8 hours or more, and applies in seconds. Plus I can leave some gray around the edges, which ye cannot do with a dye, for a totally natural look.

Once I started using Blackbeard for MenTM, I started getting compliments from all the lads and lassies, buccaneers, swashbucklers and landlubbers alike, as to how young I be lookin’. I told a few of them what my secret was, and the reaction was always the same: “Cap’n, ye be needin’ to market this stuff!” Well, aye-aye then!

The Cap'n - Blackbeard For Men
The Cap’n
I hope ye all love Blackbeard for MenTM as much as I do. There be a new gray beard solution in town. Arrr!
Get Your Beard On!TM

Cap’n Jim
Founder, Blackbeard for MenTM


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