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Blackbeard for men before and after photos
Blackbeard for Men Brent V Picture

We generally don’t recommend Blackbeard for Men if yer beard be longer than an inch or so. But handsome rogue Brent V. shows it can be done! Can ye guess which side of his beard he colored with Blackbeard for Men?

“I just wanted to say how much I love your product! I had a horrible reaction to JFM and was never able to find anything that worked until I came across your page; easy and no allergic reactions! Please keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks again!” ~ Brent V. 

Here are some of the before and after photos you guys have sent us. One of the cool things about Blackbeard for Men is there are several ways you can use it. You can just hit the gray hairs and not the whole beard; you can fill gaps; you can apply it heavily or lightly; you can leave some gray; you can ‘dry-brush’ it on for a subtle/stubble effect. Check out what these Blackbeards have done.


beard dye before and after      beard dye before and after      beard dye before and after

“I have been using Henna for my beard and a few natural hair colors that don’t work… None of these cover all’ the gray like your product. It looks so natural. I will be ordering more and only this from now on!! Thanks for such a great product.” ~ B.B. 


beard dye before and after      beard dye before and after      beard dye before and after

“Thanks guys, great product – hubby is loving it and most importantly I think he looks great!” ~ Andrew B


Blackbeard For Men Before & After      Blackbeard For Men Before & After      Blackbeard For Men Before & After

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