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Blackbeard For Testimonals

Blackbeard for Men Tube

Cap'n Jim and Blackbeard For Men

Thanks guys, great product – hubby is loving it and most importantly I think he looks great!
~ Andrew B ~

Shiver me timbers! My wife actually suggested this product to me, and if there’s one thing that I have learned it is not to argue with her. Well done, mates. Cheers.
~ Lyle, Sussex, UK ~

I really do love the product and the results. Been using it for years. I put it on and then rub my beard with a dry washcloth. Same for the sides. It makes me look younger. Most people can’t guess my age. Sometimes I create the salt and pepper look to appear more distinguished. ~ Rick W.

Blackbeard For Men Product

Big time fan here and user of Blackbeard. After having a bad experience and chemical reaction to the PPD in (competitor’s brand) last summer, I found you and your superb product and am so grateful. I actually find it better, because unlike (competitor’s brand), I can shape my face much better and compliment the contouring outlines of my check bones and cheek area. What is so marvelous about this stuff is that I can lightly brush it on my skin (to varying degrees of pressure of how dark I want it), and it makes my beard look much FULLER and darker than (competitor’s brand) ever did. It wins big by far, even if they didn’t use the PPD chemical.
~ J.S. ~

I just wanted to say how much I love your product! I had a horrible reaction to (competitor’s brand) and was never able to find anything that worked until I came across your page; easy and no allergic reactions! Please keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks again! ~ Brent V. ~

Cap'n Jim gray Skies be ahead

I’m a young guy who plays sports and is at the gym 5 days a week. My hair is dark brown, but my beard has a lot of grey in it. Everyone loves my beard, so shaving it is not an option. I have been using (the leading drugstore beard dye) for quite awhile now, and the burning, pain, itch, upper lip swell, etc are too much to bear anymore. It’s not worth it! I started to let it go natural, but I hated all the grey. It made me look much older than I am. A buddy of mine at the gym recommended Blackbeard. I went to your website, read up on your product and ordered it. I have to confess I was a little afraid to try it. I was afraid it would run on my clothes, not look natural, etc. Finally, today I got up the nerve and used it for the first time. WOW! I never write testimonials, but this product is the real deal. Best product I’ve ever used! I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulder. This is what I should have been using all along! You have a customer for life! This product is so amazing! I can’t say enough good things about it, and how happy I am! I’m back to my old self again! Thank you! ~ Kevin

I don’t have much gray, but I’ve got a lot of skin. That is, I suffer from PWBMS (patchy, wimpy beard and mustache syndrome). Your stuff fills both in very well, stays on through multiple nose blowings, and lasts longer (and is way less embarrassing to use) than CoverGirl® eyebrow pencil.
~ Jeff C. ~

Cap'n Jim and Cheecho Close-up

Got it, thank you! Already getting the attention of much younger ladies😀 ~ John F.

Blackbeard for Men Lorenzo and Jen with Cheecho

Your product is FANTASTIC!..I work in retail and get multiple compliments everyday…..your product makes my Vandyke the talk of the town!…Thanks Mateys!
~ Cap’n Tim P. ~

My goatee is back and now it’s black. I got my beard on!
~ Clay S., Fredericksburg, VA ~

It took me a time or two to figure out I was using too much. A little goes a long way and now I am looking pretty darn good.

Love it! I initially purchased one just to try, but can now say with a certainty that this will be my go to product for as long as I have hair to put it on! (Unless they can somehow figure out how to make a hair follicle produce colour again lol). After trying Just For Men, this is a far superior product in terms of results. And no mess, or risk of blindness if it gets in your eye (yikes!) ~ Simon S. ~

Blackbeard For Men Dark Brown

Ahoy Cap’n Jim! I did order that Black Beard For Men, and it be awesome!!

Absolutely delighted, looks so natural and easy to apply, just 45 – 60 seconds! I find it works better if you store it on its side. If you stand it up there’s a bit of pooling at the tip which left black dots on the beard and too much dye.

Very very good. It passed the wife test….she didn’t laugh at me, like she did after I used the henna stuff from (X,) which turned my beard a lovely shade of orange/ginger! Hahaha, of course, we can laugh at that now…almost.

Still have a few itchy sores on my face from (the leading beard dye)! Never again!! That’s from over 4 weeks ago…tut tut!
Anyway, thanks again, another worry dispensed with, now I can go back to work next week with confidence.

Cheers…I’ve already ordered my next bottle as I’m not sure how long it lasts…just £7.19 to the door. The last one took just 3 days to come 🙂

~ VH, United Kingdom ~

Best product ever! :)))
~ G.D. ~

Embrace Your Inner Pirate

Been looking for a job for almost six months now, which is tough for a laid-off 44-year-old. Anything that helps me have a chance in this crap economy, I appreciate. So thank you.
~ Ryan A., Oakland, CA ~

You guys should sell eye-patches too, because (Blackbeard for Men) totally does give me that pirate edge! It’s funny ‘cause I have actually noticed myself behaving differently wearing Blackbeard, like, know what? Check me out.
~ M.M.G., Ann Arbor, MI ~

I don’t have a beard but I use it on my sideburns, works perfectly.
~ Ellis, Memphis, TN ~

I use it 1st time couple weeks ago – wow! Amazing product – no itchy skin, no chemical, no side effect and look soo natural after first use I order 3 packs right away I’m soo happy and satisfy customer I’m ready to order black color even brown look good on me! I promise if you can get this product to Wal-Mart or any department stores the other guys will go out of business! Thanks! ~ Habib T., Charlotte NC ~

Cap'n Jim tutors Cheecho

Blackbeard For Men Before & After Photo

Blackbeard For Men Light/Medium Brown

So I got my Formula X this morning and I gotta say I LOVE IT! it looks great, feels natural and it has stayed in allllll day This version of Blackbeard is now flawless! Definitely gonna continue to purchase from you…keep up the great work!
~ Jimmy R. ~

Cap'n Jim & Cheecho Night Out

Ahoy!! Just received my product today. I will be honest, I was sceptical at first since you didn’t have a light brown color since my beard is light to medium brown with grey around my chin.I followed your advice and applied lightly as I covered the greys around chin area first. Unbelievable!! I was amazed what awesome coverage and fast drying time. What I also like is that I can control how much grey to leave for a more natural look, unlike using permanent dye products… Very satisfied, and thank you for making a product for guys like me who have different shades of color in their beard. ~ J.B. ~

Blackbeard For Men brownblack

Blackbeard for Men Lorenzo by the water

Received the new Formula X and it is great! Made a super product even better.
~ Patrick L. ~

Goes on pretty quick, although I had to wipe off a bit of the excess at first until I learned to use it sparingly. Once it’s on, I pretty much forget about it completely, just check it when I go to the bathroom and see how it’s wearing (generally fine.)
~ Russell V., Toronto, Canada ~

Blackbeard For Men Get the Girl

I can’t believe how great this product is. I’ve told many people what I’m using and they can’t believe I’m actually using anything at all…They honestly tell me it looks natural. Thanks!
~ Patrick S. ~

Blackbeard For men Looks Good in the Bathroom

I’d shaved off my mustache two years ago because it was snow white. Now it’s back.
~ Frankie K., Dallas, TX ~

I have been using Henna for my beard and a few natural hair colors that don’t work… None of these cover all’ the gray like your product. It looks so natural. I will be ordering more and only this from now on!! Thanks for such a great product. ~ B.B. ~

I ordered a 3 pack back in the summer (2016) and use it everyday (Dark Brown) I am a brownish blond sort of natural color or very light brown, whatever, but this product works great, no harsh anything, just need to adjust as to how much to use to keep it natural-looking. May wear off a bit during certain activities, like workout, sex, LOL. but a quick touch-up is cool. Will keep ordering this product, soon as I am out, it also lasts a long time! ~ Rico E. ~

Blackbeard for Men Lorenzo and Jenwith Black

One of the VERY few products I’ve ever bought that actually lives up to it’s claims! I’ve only discovered this product recently and I’m hooked! People have always told me I look 10-15 years younger than my actual age but as my beard started going gray they stopped saying that. This made me think about shaving it off, but I’ve had it 40 years and it’s a part of me and I DON’T WANT TO! NOW, thanks to Blackbeard I don’t need to!
~ Bob R. ~

Blackbeard For Men Saves The day

Lortenzo and Jen

Cap'n Jim Shark Attack

This product is the one. I’m 65 and look 45 or maybe 40 lol!! This product will be bought Again!! ~ Larry C. ~

Let me tell you guys, I can’t thank you enough. Since I started using (Blackbeard for Men) my success ratio on (dating sites) has gone through the roof. A marked difference.
~ James B., Culver City, CA ~

Cap'n Jim threatens Cheecho

Love this product. It’s so handy and quick to apply with 100% confidence that it will do what it’s supposed to EVERYTIME.
• Totally natural color blend
• Extremely simple application
• Very forgiving if you over apply, just dab it away
• Zero irritation
• Perfect for daily blending
• Perfect for quick (and I mean QUICK touch ups) on the fly
• It passes the most critical judges ( 2 daughters 1 wife 1 mother in law )
~ Nick G. ~

I have been using… beard dye for the past 2 years and I can say unequivocally that “Blackbeard for Men” is a far superior product! Why? Three main reasons:  The product applies on more effectively and evenly, stays on the beard hair follicles longer and has absolutely no irritation to the surrounding skin. I have been using the product for 30 days and have reordered for more. You have definitely put a lot of though and R & D into your product. Thanks!

Overall, I love it. I put it on kind of lightly, so that I still look like me, but just younger now, LOL. What’s great is that even as it wears, it still looks natural – doesn’t get blotchy or fake-looking or anything!
~ Marco C., Las Vegas, NV ~

Thank you so much! This product is unreal — that’s aussie slang for you. You guys should send a shipload to Australia, you would sell heaps — lots of men growing beards here now in Aussie. Thanks guys.
~ Dallas R. ~

Cap'n Jim's Mate Cheecho

Blackbeard For Men Brown / Auburn Carl

This stuff is awesome. No more blistering skin and sores from [drugsstore beard dye]. Thanks for this great solution. I just bought 6 of them.

I started using BBFM last week, and I have to say it is pretty damn amazing. I put it on in the morning before work and I am good to go. It goes on in, like, 15 seconds – wham-blam-blam, done.
~ Cole C., Burbank, CA ~

Cap'n Jm and Cheecho sail the winter seas

What I like is that I leave some gray hairs, so it looks absolutely undetectable. It’s amazing you can actually vary the intensity with the brush too. Definitely better than dyeing for me.
~ Herbie, Yonkers, NY ~

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