Best Beard Color! Say What?


Ahoy, Mateys! Happy New Year! Hope ye lads and lassies had a good beginning of 2019. Wishing you smooth sailing in the coming year and plenty of fun pirate adventures. We’ve got many exciting things coming up on this here Blackbeard front. Look out for some upcoming sales. Also, by this summer we should be […]

Beard Presents!

Santa Cap'n Jim

Ahoy, Mateys! ‘Tis the season. The season when ye sail around like a fish with its fin cut off ‘cause yer tryin’ to find the perfect presents for yer pirates (or yerself). Yer marauding high and low hoping for that perfect loot. Fear not, the Cap’n is here to help ye find that perfect gift […]

Beard Trimmers!

Bread trimmers

Ahoy, Me Hearties! All of us bearded lads (and ladies, if there be any) sometimes have to deal with trimming our best asset – our beard. And then we moan and groan and hum and haw… because we really don’t want to. Also, we’d have to find the right trimming implements and figure out how […]

Shape the face, shape the beard!

Shape the beard

Ahoy, my fellow swashbucklers! Mateys, lots of important dates comin’ up in this here pirate life. We got no-shave November followed hot on its heels by the holidays. Buccaneers, swashbucklers, rum-drinkers, that means first we’ll let our beards grow and then we have to look good for the family get-together otherwise the womenfolk will bring […]

Define your BEARD!

Define Your Beard

Ahoy, Mateys! As ye know, the Cap’n has many terms of endearment for his beard. “My best asset,” “my pride and joy,” “the love of my life,” and “my manly man flag” to just name a few. Hence, the Cap’n thought it’d be a grand idea to see what other pirates called it. Here is […]