A Father’s Day Gift For You!

Ahoy, Mateys! As ye know, Father’s Day is this Sunday. Hope ye all have plans to celebrate. If ye don’t yet know how to celebrate that day, check out the Cap’n’s here blog scroll about Father’s Day Shenanigans from around the globe: https://blackbeardformen.com/fathers-day-shenanigans/ — that should give ye plenty of inspiration. The Cap’n’s personal favorite […]


Ahoy, Mateys! Normally this here blog be full of good pirate-y advice on how to achieve the perfect beard and bring out yer facial glory so you, too, can be master of the seven seas with a wench in every port. Today the Cap’n has decided to turn his ship from starboard to aft so […]

Life (and Price) Hacks for your Beard!

Ahoy, Mateys! Yer Cap’n was just surfing the interwebs to stay on top of what the beard community is chewing the fat about and noticed a very, very concerning trend: people tryin’ to sell ye shite in the disguise of informative blog posts. And all the Cap’n can say to that is “Argh!” That wasn’t […]

That Blasted Beard Itch!

Ahoy, Mateys! Let’s talk about a burning issue today… actually, more like an itchy one. We keep gettin’ emails from pirates asking us what to do about beard itch. Hence, I must down me bottle of rum (momentarily) to write another blog scroll about the itch that can ruin a swashbuckler’s life. Ye know the […]

Beards Make The Man!

Ahoy, Mateys! Mighty swashbucklers, this one goes under the category “ask not what you can do for yer beard, but what yer beard can do for you.” Let’s talk about famous men and their beards, ‘cause it may be that the beard made the man famous and not vice versa. Which makes this here article […]