What to Expect from the Perfect Beard!

Ahoy, Mateys!

Hope ye swashbucklers are enjoying our fine summer. The Cap’n’s been sitting on deck and imbibing his barrel of rum while cavorting with busty wenches. Oh, no… sorry, hang on there… that was just a dream. A beautiful dream.

You buccaneers seem to have appreciated our handy dandy guide from last week about solving yer beard problems. So the Cap’n thought we’d do something similar this week and go through a beard journey together. Kinda like “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” – just for bearded pirates.

  1. Growing It! When you’re first starting out on your beard journey, let your best asset grow… and don’t touch it! One would think that’s the easy part, because all you have to do is… nothing. But it seems to be the hardest part for a lot of mateys. You need to have at least an inch of growth before attempting to shape it with yer hook. For most pirates that means waiting 4 – 6 weeks. If you try to shape your beard before then, you’re likely to end up with a mess. Because you can’t yet tell how your beard grows naturally, how full it is, or if there are any problems like patchy spots.
  2. Shaping It! When you’re ready to shape your best asset, you need to work with the way your beard grows naturally. For example, if you’ve got patches of very thin beard hair, you might not want to go for the lumberjack look, but stick with a Van Dyke instead. You also need to take the shape of your face into consideration
  3. Bumping It! When you’re weeding and pruning your beard, you don’t want to run the risk of razor bumps. They’ll make you look like a pimply teenager, not like the beard-wearing swashbuckler you are. After every shave, splash cold water on yer face. If the shave was a bit too close for comfort and if you feel your skin burning, take it one step further and put an icebag on your face for a few minutes. If you still get a razor bump, steep a teabag (black tea is best) and put it in the fridge until it’s cold. Then press it against the razor bump. You will soon feel relief.
  4. Snowing It! Avoid beard dandruff. What’s dandruff? Dry, itchy, flaky skin. And, no, you don’t only get it on top of yer head. How can ye avoid your beard falling victim to it? Easy. When you wash yer beard, don’t make the mistake of using soap (or anything else you’d use on your hands). Use actual shampoo. Your beard consists of hair after all. Additionally, use a moisturizer on yer beard hair.
  5. Coloring It! If your beard is patchy in places or you have some gray you want to get rid of – Blackbeard for Men can help. BBFM fills in patchy spots as well as takes care of the gray for you while giving you a totally natural look.

Have a great week, mateys! And always feel free to check in with the Cap’n and his crew.


The Cap’n

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