The Playoff Beard!

Ahoy, Mateys!

Today, let’s talk about another of the beard’s many functions – as a good luck charm. Now, mind ye’, the Cap’n has always known that. He’s been marauding through the Seven Seas for a very long time and his beard has kept him in luck – ye know, good mates, good wenches, good loot. That’s why the Cap’n takes such good care of his best asset – he doesn’t want his luck to run out.

As it turns out, the Cap’n isn’t the only one who has had that thought. Many pro-athletes subscribe to the very same philosophy. Nobody knows exactly how and when it started. It possibly goes back to Swedish tennis champion Björn Borg, who refused to shave his beard during Wimbledon. Later, the tradition was picked up by the Islanders ice hockey team. And from there, the playoff beard has expanded into Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA, and the Canadian Football League.

Does it work, ye may ask? Well, just look at the Red Sox’ 2013 season. In the previous season, they finished last in their division. Last, mind ye’. And ye know what happened in 2013? Two of their number got their beards on. The Red Sox won and won… and the rest of the team saw how well the good luck charm worked and also got on board with the beard-growing-movement. Ye’ know what happened? That’s right! The Red Sox kept on winning. They won the World Series that year. Avast, me hearties! That’s the power of the beard.

Needless to say, the good luck beard doesn’t only exist in the realm of sports. Male students (and possibly some female students as well) have taken up the cause and don’t shave between the period when regular classes end and their final exams in the hope of pleasing the Beard Gods and assure good grades.

Mateys, did ye’ ever have a beard good luck charm? Did it work for ye’? The Cap’n and his crew would like to hear your story.


The Cap’n

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