A Father’s Day Gift For You!

Ahoy, Mateys!

As ye know, Father’s Day is this Sunday. Hope ye all have plans to celebrate. If ye don’t yet know how to celebrate that day, check out the Cap’n’s here blog scroll about Father’s Day Shenanigans from around the globe: https://blackbeardformen.com/fathers-day-shenanigans/ — that should give ye plenty of inspiration. The Cap’n’s personal favorite is the German way of celebrating Father’s Day, ‘cause it of course involves lots of ale.

Since Father’s Day is a day most of ye swashbucklers celebrate, the Cap’n and his crew will have a sale this coming weekend. We’ll be sending you a message in a bottle with the details. (Nowadays that’s known as an email.)

But the Cap’n would be remiss if he didn’t have a Father’s Day gift for the mighty buccaneers. Since the Cap’n has gotten lots of positive feedback on his one-page downloadable PDF guide on how to achieve the perfect beard – if ye don’t yet have it, ye can find it right here:  https://blackbeardformen.com/a-gift-for-your-beard-and-you/ — he thought that it would make a nice gift for ye lads if ye had a downloadable guide focusing specifically on beard problems and their remedies.

And not only remedies, but affordable remedies. Let’s face it, when ye wake up in the mornin’ and discover something strange happenin’ with yer face, ye don’t wanna run to the store and spend an arm and a leg to fix it. No, ye wanna be able to remedy the situation quickly and easily with something that ye can already find in yer cabin, right?

Ye already know how the Cap’n feels about overpriced products and people who try to tell ye that ye need to spend all of yer doubloons to fix yer best asset. In case ye don’t, ye can read up on it right here:   https://blackbeardformen.com/life-price-hacks-beard/

Anyway, keepin’ all of those principles in mind, the Cap’n has created a Father’s Day gift for you mateys. A one-page downloadable PDF guide about all possible problems ye could have with yer beard and how ye can remedy them quickly, easily, and cheaply with things ye already have around the house.

Ye can find it right here:  https://blackbeardformen.lpages.co/beard-advice/

If there’s anything the Cap’n forgot to mention or if ye have yer own remedies ye wanna share with the crew, never hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We always wanna hear from you.

Happy Father’s Day, Mateys!


The Cap’n

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