Everything You Need To Know About SUMMER BEARDS!

Ahoy, Mateys!

Let’s talk about the time of year: summer – and how that affects our best asset. Now you’ve probably heard some landlubber tell ye’ somethin’ like: “Yo, mighty buccaneer, aren’t ye too warm with that cat on yer face?” Well, if ye choose to forego gutting his innards with yer hook and decide to instead explain the way of the beard to the wee lad, then he might tell him that a beard doesn’t in fact retain heat. No insulation here, laddie. So, swashbucklers, beard on in the summer!

But how should ye take care of yer beard during the hot weather? One certain fact of summer is that ye simply sweat more. Well, ye don’t wanna run the risk of irritation when yer skin gets hot and moist in the summer. Hence, ye wanna make sure that yer best asset is well-cleaned. Also, mateys, remember that in the summer ye tend to spend more time outside and at BBQ’s – all of which increases yer chances of getting things stuck in yer beard. Anything from grass to bits of meat. Another reason to pay special attention to beard cleanliness during that time of year.

Speaking of sweat: ye might have noticed that ye scratch yer beard more when ye sweat. That’s normal. But here is the problem with that: if ye scratch, it’ll lead to “beard shedding.” In other words, come August ye might notice that yer beard is a lot thinner in certain areas than in others. Now, matey, that’s temporary and will change again once ye stop scratching. Best advice: resist the urge to scratch as much as possible during the summer. If ye have those pesky spots that always itch, the Cap’n suggests trying his oatmeal trick, which ye can find here as a downloadable PDF (along with many other tips and tricks): https://blackbeardformen.lpages.co/beard-advice/

It’s hot, ye swim, right? The Cap’n likes to bake in the sun and then dip in the water. Ain’t life grand? Yer beard, though, might not be too keen on that. Water, especially the chlorinated variety, dries out yer skin as well as yer beard hairs. To combat that, try the Cap’n’s olive oil trick, which ye can find right here: https://blackbeardformen.com/life-price-hacks-beard/ (along with many other best (and cheap!) practices that’ll keep yer beard glorious.)

Another problem ye might encounter is dehydration. Ye know, in the summer, when ye drink too much rum and don’t top it off with enough water, ye get dehydrated. That’s bad. Not only for you, but also for your best asset. Dehydration will lead to brittle hairs and breakage. Ye don’t wanna do that to yer best asset.

Mateys, hope ye’ll have a fantastic, bearded and pirate-y summer. The Cap’n and his crew are always here to answer any beard related questions ye may have.

Get Yer Beard On!

The Cap’n

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