Easter Pirate!

easter pirate

Ahoy Mateys!

Holiday ahead! Now ye might be wondering how to get yer little ones acquainted with the pirate lifestyle. The Cap’n’s got the answer: Easter Pirate Time. Take plastic eggs that ye can open, put treasure inside and hide them around the backyard or a park. Then ye can even draw a treasure map for the aspiring pirates. Before yer little swashbucklers set off for their adventure, make sure ye outfit them with eye patches and pirate hats. Then send them on their treasure hunt. Ye can even print out some labels at home and affix them to a bottle of root beer which will henceforth be called “RUM” with which the young seafarers can celebrate their successful treasure hunt. Congratulations, pirate, ye made the little ones happy and set them on their pirate path. Happy Easter!

The Cap’n


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Rick W.

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John F.

Got it, thank you! Already getting the attention of much younger ladies😀 ~ John F.


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Habib T., Charlotte NC

I use it 1st time couple weeks ago – wow! Amazing product – no itchy skin, no chemical, no side effect and look soo natural after first use I order “Habib T., Charlotte NC”

Simon S.

Love it! I initially purchased one just to try, but can now say with a certainty that this will be my go to product for as long as I have “Simon S.”