Blackbeard’s Birthday!

Ahoy, Mateys!

It’s April — the month our namesake was born. You might know him as Blackbeard, the fearsome pirate, who controlled the waters around the West Indies, but his real name was Edward Teach and he was born in Bristol, England. His ship was named “The Queen Anne’s Revenge.” His name, of course, came from his thick black beard. He was known to tie lit fuses under his hat to frighten his enemies. It worked! His name was whispered with fear around the world.

Blackbeard commanded the respect of his men and there is no record of him ever having harmed or murdered anyone he held captive. He also relied on his fearsome image — helped along by his amazing beard — to get people to do what he wanted them to do. So, mateys, what’s the moral of the story? Be good to your beard and the sky is the limit! Of course, I, Blackbeard’s namesake, am here to help you with that. Got a beard color problem? I’ve got a beard color solution.

The Cap’n

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