Beards Are Awesome!

Ahoy, Mateys!

Apart from making ye manly and stylish and trendy, beards have other benefits as well:

  • They prevent skin cancer. Some smart lads and lassies looked into that and found that beards block about 95% of UV rays on yer mug.
  • If ye have allergies, yer beard helps ya to block the pollen and dust and whatever else ye may be allergic to. Just like nasal hair — only a lot more attractive.
  • A beard will keep ye warm in the winter.
  • Regular shaving can cause bacterial infections and ingrowths. If ye stop shaving on a regular basis — grow a beard so to speak — ye won’t have those problems.
  • Beards guard against dry skin, cause the beard keeps out wind, cold air, and sun — all those things that dry out yer face. Yer beard acts like a natural moisterizer.

Mateys, all I can say is: GET YER BEARD ON!


The Cap’n


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