Blackbeard’s Birthday Sale!

Blackbeard bday sale art

Ahoy Mateys!

Tomorrow starts our annual Blackbeard’s Birthday Sale! And in honor of our namesake, we’ve got a sale for ye lads. We are discounting our Brownblack 50 %. Now, Brownblack was our namesake’s beard color of course, but it’s also our newest product. For some of ye mateys our dark brown is too light, but our black is too dark. If that’s the case with you, then Brownblack is the right color for yer beard.

From April 21st through April 24th ye can give our Brownback a try at half the price. Ye won’t be disappointed. As always, we will give you our risk-free satisfaction guarantee. Give it a try, mateys, Brownblack might just be your beard color.


Cap’n Jim


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