Swashbuckler, take care of yer BEST ASSET!

Ahoy Mateys!

That above-mentioned best asset would be yer beard! Ye don’t want it looking all raggedy. Ye should trim the edges of yer beard or mustache EVERY DAY. Just trim — a bit — ye don’t want to cut off yer very manliness, but those edges need some attention. Remember, yer a sexy pirate, not a hobo.

Use yer Blackbeard for Men. If yer beard be gray, well, matey, it’ll make ye look old. Let’s face it, beard color can take years off yer appearance. Seriously, the Cap’n recently encountered a mate whose beard was gray. In fact, he was very proud of his gray beard. The Cap’n, who is 53 (shhh… it be a secret) thought the mate was round about his age. He got to talking with that mate. Turns out, the mate was only 38. Color the Cap’n shocked. And it wasn’t the mates’ wrinkly face (he didn’t have one) or stooped gait (he was in fine shape). It was solely the mates’ beard. So, pirates, let that be a lesson to you. Take care of yer beard and yer beard will take care of you!

The Cap’n



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