A Gift For Your Beard (And You)!

Ahoy, Mateys!

The Cap’n here. And this week I’ve got a gift for ye. The Cap’n gets lots of emails from frustrated swashbucklers about beard care best practices. And many of those buccaneers tell the Cap’n that they know he’s written many, many, oh so many (the Cap’n likes to hear himself talk) articles about that very same subject on his blog scroll, but that they don’t have the time to find the article and then read it, ‘cause they’re in a beard crisis and need answers quickly.

Ye know that feeling: everything is hunky-dory as ye lumber out of bed in the morning (well, except the fact that ye actually have to get up). Ye step in the bathroom, turn on the light, look in the mirror and… oh, the horror! There it is! Fill in the blank here, matey – a razor burn, an ingrown facial hair, beard dandruff, a patchy beard, a misshapen whisker —  and ye need help quickly, ‘cause ye got to get out the door and face the world.

Yer Cap’n waking up at the crack of noon on a typical morning.

What do ye do? Do ye start up yer computer and scroll and scroll and scroll through the Cap’n’s blog scroll? No, ye don’t. ‘Cause ye don’t have the time. Life awaits. Yer boss is already tapping his foot and the little pirates need to get to pirate school. What often happens in a situation like this is that yer best asset gets short shrift and ye simply keep yer head down for the rest of the day to hide the offending… again, fill in the blank here.

But here’s the problem. If ye keep runnin’ around with yer head down all day long, ye’ll be forever bumping into walls and people will wonder what’s wrong with you.

So, came up with a solution, I did: a handy, one page only, quick beard rescue guide. It’s a one-page PDF. All ye have to do is download it, print it and tape it next to yer bathroom mirror and yer all set next time ye lumber into the bathroom and discover – oh, the horror – (fill in the blank here).

Here is the link:


Click on it, matey, and download the Cap’n’s handy guide titled “5 Easy Steps to the Perfect Beard.”

And if ye have any beard problems the Cap’n hasn’t thought of, never hesitate to get in touch. The Cap’n loves to hear from people and share beard stories and other pirate adventures.

May fair winds fill yer sails!


The Cap’n


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