The Bearded Cap’n vs. the Clean-Shaven Landlubber!

Cap'n Jim Hammock

Ahoy, Mateys! Today I have a story for you. The mighty tale of how I, Cap’n Jim, defeated the scourge of every bearded swashbuckler. That’s right, I went beard to baby-chin with a clean-shaven landlubber. Here is what happened: The Cap’n and his crew – after successfully marauding their way across the Seven Seas – […]

Everything You Need To Know About SUMMER BEARDS!


Ahoy, Mateys! Let’s talk about the time of year: summer – and how that affects our best asset. Now you’ve probably heard some landlubber tell ye’ somethin’ like: “Yo, mighty buccaneer, aren’t ye too warm with that cat on yer face?” Well, if ye choose to forego gutting his innards with yer hook and decide […]

A Father’s Day Gift For You!

Ahoy, Mateys! As ye know, Father’s Day is this Sunday. Hope ye all have plans to celebrate. If ye don’t yet know how to celebrate that day, check out the Cap’n’s here blog scroll about Father’s Day Shenanigans from around the globe: — that should give ye plenty of inspiration. The Cap’n’s personal favorite […]


Ahoy, Mateys! Normally this here blog be full of good pirate-y advice on how to achieve the perfect beard and bring out yer facial glory so you, too, can be master of the seven seas with a wench in every port. Today the Cap’n has decided to turn his ship from starboard to aft so […]