Winter Beard

Ahoy, mateys! Tis the season. It be cold and dry in most places. Now that doesn’t mean ye shouldn’t take care of yer beard and yer beard color. The Cap’n and his crew be here for all of yer beard color and beard dye needs. But what of the shape of yer beard? Because of the aforementioned weather, ye may think that ye can just let yer beard grow so it can keep ye warm. But beware, my lads, yer beard needs to fit yer face. The longer yer mug, the shorter yer chin hair should be. If yer face be oval, keep the hair on your chin shorter than the hair on the sides of your face. If yer face be round, ye want some definition in yer jawbone so grow angular fuzz. If yer face be square, a fuller beard will make it look less so.

Ice Beard

Now, pirates, take care of yer most precious asset — yer beard.

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