The Chinstrap Beard!

Ahoy, Mateys!

We’ve been getting emails about the chinstrap beard. Hence, the Cap’n assumes some of you fearless marauders are thinking of taking the plunge… or the strap… as that may be. Other pirates may still be wondering what a chinstrap beard is. A chinstrap, in the strictest sense, is exactly what it sounds like. A strap of facial hair around yer pirate chin. If ye have a line of facial hair growing around the edge of yer jaw line, then ye’ve got a chinstrap.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way… let’s talk best practices. Let’s face it, we’ve all seen those wanna-be swashbucklers sporting a chinstrap that looks like a runaway squirrel and thought to ourselves: “Dude….” while we smiled through painfully clenched teeth. Mateys, ye don’t wanna be “dude.”

First, ye have to decide what style is right for you. Now, if you’ve been reading the Cap’n’s blog scroll, then ye know what question comes next. What’s the shape of yer mug? When deciding on what type of beard ye wanna grow, then the shape of yer face is the determining factor. The Cap’n has said it often enough, yet still there are matyes out there lookin’ like they haven’t been paying attention.

The biggest decision regarding yer chinstrap is its width. A regular chinstrap often has the width of a pencil, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your strap should accentuate yer features. If yer be more of a moon-faced pirate – with a wide or round face – then ye wanna grow a wider chinstrap, because it’ll make yer mug look thinner. If ye have a thin face to begin with, ye don’t wanna go too wide, ‘cause it’ll overpower yer dainty features.

Now, how do ye shape and maintain yer strap? First, ye need the right equipment. Do not…. I repeat… do not use an electric shaver. If ye have to ask why, I have to wonder if yer a pirate or a pre-pubescent boy. A chinstrap needs accuracy. If ye start going at it with yer electric shaver, yer wanna-be chinstrap will soon have a few holes in it. So, repeat after me again, no electric shaver. If ye wanna know what equipment ye should use for yer beard, check out the Cap’n’s thoughts on the matter here:

Before embarking on yer chinstrap journey, ye gotta realize that this particular style takes a lot of maintenance, since only clean, well-groomed lines look good. Anything else… and, well, yer that aforementioned runaway squirrel… or a disemboweled capybara. So be prepared to groom yer beard every single day. And I’m not only talkin’ about maintaining yer lines, ye also need to maintain yer length. Hence, ye need to have a beard trimmer handy. Keep it short and (at least attempt) a good fade – that’s when yer beard hair is shorter on the sides than on the chin – and ye’ll keep that masculine, yet genteel look.

As always, mateys, swashbuckler, and buccaneers, if ye have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Cap’n and his crew. We’re always happy to hear from you.

The Cap’n

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