No Valentine’s Day Sale This Year. Argh.

Ahoy, faithful crew, Cap’n Jim here with the unfortunate news that we will not be able to offer our traditional Valentine’s Day Sale this year. But fear not — ye won’t have to wait long. We’re planning on having back-to-back St. Patrick’s Day (March) and Blackbeard’s Birthday (April) sales.

And speaking of Valentine’s Day…
Blackbeard Valentine

Cap’n Tanya and I snapped this pic for Valentine’s Day 2015. We make a dashing couple, don’t we? Of course, the Cap’n’s got to be a mite honest here. I met the lovely Tanya 5 years ago, right after launching Blackbeard for Men. She had no idea the Cap’n’s whiskers were whiter than a Polar Bear’s arse. Would the Cap’n have attracted such a devilishly smart and fetching lass looking like ol’ Greybeard himself? Arr, I dare say not. That be the power of Blackbeard for Men, lads. A little beard color can change the bearing on yer life voyage in a positive way.

May all ye have a lovely Valentine’s Day — but a word of caution from one pirate to another: beware ye caustic beard dye, and beware ye the gold-diggers.

Cap’n Jim

P.S. Oh, and don’t ye forget, ye can download our Pirate’s Guide to Dating e-book free right here on the site.

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