Avast, Mateys!

Ahoy! More advice about the lasses from the Cap’n. Tis the time of year after all and the 14th is comin’ up. If yer want to read everything the Cap’n has to spout on, well, everything, then shoot us an email and we’ll send you our “Pirates’ Guide to Datin’ and Lookin’ Good.”

Mateys, to find yer way to a lass’ heart (or cabin,) talkin’ be good; listenin’ be better. The Cap’n doesn’t care how many great adventures ye’ve had on the seven seas, how many times yer escaped Davy Jones’ locker or how many ships ye plundered; if yer keep blabbin’ about yerself, soliloquizing so to speak, the wench’s eyes will glaze over and she’ll be thinking yer scurvy head be rather big. But if ye listen to what the wench has to say and even ask questions — mind ye, intelligent questions — then she’ll think ye be a sensitive pirate who’s interested in more than the key to her cabin (even if that be exactly what we be interested in, eh?)

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