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Ahoy, Mateys!

Check out the love we got from The Cap’n and his crew are delighted that Blackbeard for Men has been named one of the best beard dyes. But ye buccaneers probably already know this; otherwise ye wouldn’t be readin’ this here blog scroll.

The swashbucklers over at were especially taken by the fact that Blackbeard for Men is easy and quick to apply and ye can leave some gray if ye want to as well as it being safe for sideburns and eyebrows (ye don’t wanna look like Gandalf, after all).

Mateys, if yer lookin’ for a good, manly read, do check out their website. They’ve got plenty of interestin’ advice for pirates like us. They’re not only up on all of our beard and grooming needs; they are experts in everything from technology to smart-alecky things ye can say to the fairer sex. Like, mateys, would ye ever in a million years think about asking a pretty wench if she had any hidden talents? (The Cap’n may have tried that once. But I guess the lascivious tone and the wagging eyebrows gave the wrong impression and the lassie hit him over the head with a bottle of rum.) They can also tell ye which the best mechanical gloves are. (The Cap’n couldn’t even tell ya’ what a mechanical glove is.)

The blokes over at Men’s Axis can also tell ya how to build self-confidence (personally, a bottle of rum and some ale does the trick for this here Cap’n) as well as the “Seven Daily Habits of Successful People.” Strangely, maraudin’ the Seven Seas, burying lots of gold and snugglin’ with yer ship’s Chihuahua wasn’t on their list.

Anyway, do check ‘em out. After all, we’ve already determined that they know their stuff when it comes to beard color. So we assume they’re up on the other stuff as well.

May fair winds always fill yer sails.


The Cap’n

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