Ahoy Mateys!

Mateys, before ye can take care of yer beard, ye need to grow it. Ah, there be the rub. Often that is the hardest part and many a pirate quits in despair and gets the razor out. Don’t, matey! Fight through it, cause the end result is well worth it. The Cap’n has a few tips and tricks for ye.

A beard means freedom and self-expression — lads, don’t let them take yer freedom away. Here are a few things ye need to do to successfully grow yer best asset:

1. Yes, you might feel a bit of an itch. Don’t worry, it won’t last long. Fight through it.

2. Ye need to wait a couple of months before ye try to shape it, even if ye want to have a a very short beard. Lots of lads try to shape it too early. Ye need to wait a bit and let it get a bit wild at first. Only then will ye be able to shape it properly.

3. Even if ye want yer beard to be long and full, ye need to trim it on a regular basis. Yer beard, just like the hair on top of yer head, can get split ends and making it look less than good.

4. The best way to shape yer beard is with scissors and a comb. Mind ye, an electric razor is fine for the edges, but for the bulk of yer beard, the Cap’n recommends the good old-fashioned route. It’ll make yer life a lot easier.

5. Ye need to get a good shut-eye, matey. If ye lose sleep, yer beard won’t grow as quickly as if ye don’t. So, pirate, get yer R&R. (That’d be rest and relaxation, not the actual pirate ARRR!)

Good luck with yer beard and let yer pirate flag fly high!


The Cap’n

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