Growing Your FIRST BEARD!

Ahoy, Mateys!

The Cap’n’s been goin’ on and on about how to shape yer beard and make it all it can be. But we’ve been gettin’ lots of questions from first-timers lately… or, as the Cap’n likes to call ‘em, beard virgins. Pirates who have never taken the beard journey and are afraid of rough seas ahead. As always, the Cap’n is here to help:

Mateys, the first thing ye need to do is… well, nothing. And, believe it or not, that’s the hardest part, which should last about a month. During that time, ye’ll most likely experience quite a bit of itching. Do not — I repeat — do not scratch. If ye scratch, ye run the risk of infection. That means unsightly red blotches and scratch marks, as well as possibly ingrown hairs and pustules. It might help if ye dab some moisturizer on yer mug and ye absolutely should avoid cleaners that are too strong and dry out yer skin. The Cap’n himself used to use rubbing alcohol until a smart pirate lass told him how bad that was for his handsome mug. So, I repeat: do not scratch.

Just as important as not scratching is not cutting or trimming. This might sound like a d’uh moment, since ye want to grow yer beard, why would ye cut it, right? But ye wouldn’t believe how many pirates can’t resist the urge of trimming too soon. So, I repeat again, do not cut or trim or touch for the first four weeks of yer beard growth journey (for some pirates with slower growing beards that might, in fact, be two months). Ye don’t yet know how yer beard is going to grow. There might be patches with less hair or parts that are a bit spotty. Ye just won’t know until a month or more in. Beards never grow evenly. Ye got to give them a chance to develop before ye can spot yer beard’s eccentricities. Where is it thick? Where is it patchy? So, swashbuckler, I repeat again: be patient for at least four weeks. Here be the Cap’n’s good advice on the nitty and gritty of surviving the first couple of months of beard growth:

After that, ye can decide how you want yer beard to look. As the Cap’n has said before, it’s important that yer beard fits the shape of yer face. Here is our handy advice guide on how to determine that:

And then, should those grays appear as they always seem to do, ye know that Blackbeard is here to help.

So, avast, me hearties, yer beard be on the horizon and the Cap’n and his crew are here to help.

The Cap’n

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