What to Expect from the Perfect Beard!

perfect Beard

Ahoy, Mateys! Hope ye swashbucklers are enjoying our fine summer. The Cap’n’s been sitting on deck and imbibing his barrel of rum while cavorting with busty wenches. Oh, no… sorry, hang on there… that was just a dream. A beautiful dream. You buccaneers seem to have appreciated our handy dandy guide from last week about […]

Beard Problems? Solved!

beard problems

Ahoy, Mateys! The Cap’n has gotten lots of positive feedback on last week’s blog scroll post about home remedies for yer best asset. So he figured it’d be a good idea to take that one step further. Let’s talk about all the possible beard problems ye, mighty swashbuckler, are in danger of encountering and then […]

Home Remedies for the Beard!

home beard remedies

Ahoy, Mateys! As ye know, the Cap’n is a big fan of home remedies for yer best asset. Why? ‘Cause ye know what the little birds say about the Cap’n: “cheap, cheap, cheap.” Seriously, this here swashbuckler doesn’t want to spend a hook and a leg on beard products. Hence, the Cap’n has put together […]

Half Empty or Half Full?

half empty haf full

Ahoy, Mateys! The Cap’n woke up from a long, rum-induced slumber this morn’ and realized to his utter consternation that half the year had already gone by. How is that possible, he wondered? The older the Cap’n gets the quicker time seems to pass. Holidays seems to come around a lot more often and the […]