Half Empty or Half Full?

Ahoy, Mateys!

The Cap’n woke up from a long, rum-induced slumber this morn’ and realized to his utter consternation that half the year had already gone by. How is that possible, he wondered? The older the Cap’n gets the quicker time seems to pass. Holidays seems to come around a lot more often and the Cap’n, as soon as he has finished one birthday celebration, is already busy commemorating his next. That’s why it’s so important to sometimes get off the merry-go-round and smell the ale. (Yeah, I know, most people talk about smelling the roses, but the Cap’n most assuredly prefers the ale.) So the Cap’n thought he could take a look back at everything that has already passed this year.

This photo has nothing to do with the post. But we like it.

In this past year, the Cap’n has told ye, dear buccaneer, some swashbuckling stories about his adventures on the Seven Seas and how his trusted Blackbeard for Men tube has saved him on numerous occasions. Just last week, he spun a yarn about his famous duel with a clean-shaven landlubber: https://blackbeardformen.com/bearded-capn-vs-clean-shaven-landlubber/. He also recounted his epic battle with the Easter Bunny: https://blackbeardformen.com/capns-beard-vs-easter-bunny/ and told the heroic story of his buddy Marty Grass: https://blackbeardformen.com/story-marty-grass-beard/. And let’s not forget that swarthy pirate Valentine Beard: https://blackbeardformen.com/tale-valentine-beard/. The Cap’n hopes you enjoyed his adventure yarns.

Needless to say, the Cap’n wasn’t skimpy on beard care advice either. He had lots to say about Beard Split Ends (https://blackbeardformen.com/beard-split-ends-aboard/) as well as that Blasted Beard Itch (https://blackbeardformen.com/blasted-beard-itch/) and he even had a solution to Gray Eyebrows (https://blackbeardformen.com/gray-eyebrows-fix/). Considering the season, many of you wrote to say thank you for the Cap’n’s advice on how to take care of yer best asset during the summer time (https://blackbeardformen.com/everything-need-know-summer-beards/)

The Cap’n also continued his ongoing love story with different beard styles like Friendly Mutton Chops (https://blackbeardformen.com/friendly-mutton-chops-horizon/) and the Chinstrap Beard (https://blackbeardformen.com/the-chinstrap-beard/). The Cap’n’s personal favorite, of course, is the Breaking Bad Beard (https://blackbeardformen.com/breaking-bad-beard/).

As ye know, the Cap’n also likes to expound on the beard in general. He did that with https://blackbeardformen.com/the-humorous-beard/ and https://blackbeardformen.com/weird-beard-tidbits/ as well as https://blackbeardformen.com/beards-make-man/. Hey, it’s important to put our best assets into context, right?

Since the Cap’n really, really, really likes to hear himself expound on things – some swashbucklers have called him loquacious – he even wrote about history. Ye know, things that happened, like, in the past. He had occasion to put St. Patrick’s Day (green ale!!!) into context (https://blackbeardformen.com/st-patricks-day-horizon/) and educate about more current trends (https://blackbeardformen.com/trendy-beards/)

The Cap’n even gave you gifts, which you seemed to appreciate. A Father’s Day Gift (https://blackbeardformen.com/fathers-day-gift/) as well as a just-cause-the-Cap’n-likes-the-merry-pirates gift (https://blackbeardformen.com/a-gift-for-your-beard-and-you/).

The Cap’n also had some lifestyle advice (https://blackbeardformen.com/life-price-hacks-beard/) for ye’ as well as some beard do’s and don’t’s (https://blackbeardformen.com/dont-do-that/.)

All in all, it seems to have been a pretty good year so far. (Between the rum and the ale, the Cap’n doesn’t actually remember all of it.) If there’s anything ye want the Cap’n to expound on, he’ll be happy to oblige. (Ye know how much he likes expounding on anything.) Just send us an email at [email protected] and tell us what subject yer curious about and the Cap’n shall oblige.

Have a great summer, mateys!


The Cap’n

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