She Hates My Beard!

Ahoy, Mateys! Now sometimes the crew seeks advice, because they have a… shall we say “pirate problem” at home. Their significant other can’t stand their beard. At all. Hate it, they do. And they aren’t shy about letting their pirate know about that. Mind ye, if said pirate be a lass — well, we can […]

Blackbeard’s Birthday Sale!

Ahoy Mateys! Tomorrow starts our annual Blackbeard’s Birthday Sale! And in honor of our namesake, we’ve got a sale for ye lads. We are discounting our Brownblack 50 %. Now, Brownblack was our namesake’s beard color of course, but it’s also our newest product. For some of ye mateys our dark brown is too light, […]

Beards Are Awesome!

Ahoy, Mateys! Apart from making ye manly and stylish and trendy, beards have other benefits as well: They prevent skin cancer. Some smart lads and lassies looked into that and found that beards block about 95% of UV rays on yer mug. If ye have allergies, yer beard helps ya to block the pollen and […]

Blackbeard’s Birthday!

Ahoy, Mateys! It’s April — the month our namesake was born. You might know him as Blackbeard, the fearsome pirate, who controlled the waters around the West Indies, but his real name was Edward Teach and he was born in Bristol, England. His ship was named “The Queen Anne’s Revenge.” His name, of course, came […]