Valentine’s Beard

Mateys, it’s that time of year — yer on the prowl for a lass to take out on the 14th. Now, the Cap’n has a ship-full of good advice for ya. Ye need to guard yer treasure wisely, laddie. Ya didn’t swashbuckle on the seven seas just to lose every piece o’ gold ye got. […]

The Real Pirates

Ahoy, mateys! The Cap’n here with some bad news: USPS has raised their prices for the fourth year in a row. As ye know, all ye long-time crew members, we’ve never raised our shipping prices and have been eating the USPS price hikes instead of passing it on to you. We’ll continue to do that […]

Beard Story

Mateys, on this gray winter day the Cap’n has a story about a beard for ye to brighten yer day. Once upon a time, there was a gray beard. He was gray because he was… well… shall we say “maturing.” Now, the gray beard didn’t want to be gray… and certainly didn’t want to “mature.” […]

Grooming Your Beard

Mateys, here be some more beard advice from the Cap’n: Only a pirate who doesn’t have his sea legs yet will try to shape his beard right away. Wait until ye have at least an inch of growth before trying to shape it. And leave yer cheek line — that be the upper limit of […]

Happy New Year! Happy New Beard!

Happy New Year, Mateys! Let’s make 2016 a great one. To celebrate the new year, we’ve got a sale going on. 25% off until midnight on Sunday. We’ve got many exciting new things happening at Blackbeard for Men. This year, you’ll finally be able to find us in selected retail outlets (more details to come) […]