The Real Pirates

Carrier PigeonAhoy, mateys! The Cap’n here with some bad news: USPS has raised their prices for the fourth year in a row. As ye know, all ye long-time crew members, we’ve never raised our shipping prices and have been eating the USPS price hikes instead of passing it on to you. We’ll continue to do that for domestic shipping and handling. Unfortunately, international shipping charges have gone up so much that we are forced to pass a portion of those on to our international customers. We’re sorry, mateys, but don’t have another choice. The USPS be the real pirates here. ARRR!

Ye’ll still be getting yer beard color with the same level of enthusiasm and speediness from us, but for international beards, it’ll be a little more on the shipping. We’ll try to make up for it with added beard color sales. May the winds be always at yer backs.

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