GRAYBEARD: A Beardnificent Pirate Tale

By Cap’n Jim Blackbeard for Men    CAPTAIN PHINNEAS J.GRAYBEARD was in a proverbial pickle. Cabin wench “Voracious” Velia Vavoom, as always overflowing her bustier, pressed her cutlass to Graybeard’s crotch and sashayed into his face. “Who be she?” she demanded. “I can smell her all over ye. Who’ve ye been sticking yer belaying pin […]

BEARD DYE – What You Need To Know!

Ahoy, Mateys! Let’s tackle a more serious subject this week: the effect beard dyes can have on your body. Many of you already know why I created Blackbeard for Men – because my formerly roguishly handsome mug turned gray and made me look old. So I did what many of you have tried as well: […]

Growing Your FIRST BEARD!

Ahoy, Mateys! The Cap’n’s been goin’ on and on about how to shape yer beard and make it all it can be. But we’ve been gettin’ lots of questions from first-timers lately… or, as the Cap’n likes to call ‘em, beard virgins. Pirates who have never taken the beard journey and are afraid of rough […]

Captain’s Log

Ahoy, scalawags! In case ye haven’t noticed, and pardon our dust, there have been a few changes over here at the good ship Blackbeard for Men. We’ve been working relatively hard (well, gotta leave some quality rum time, don’t ye know…) to bring all of ye a better customer experience. To start, ye may have […]

Make Your Gray Walk The Plank

By “Cap’n” Jim Cirile (featured on Ahoy, brethren in beardliness! Ye’ve grown yerself a fine, fine scruff there on yer chin, rich with color. Well, me hearties, enjoy it while it lasts. For 100% of us pirates have this in common: as we get older (and better,) our mustaches and beards turn a ghastly […]