New Light/Medium Brown is here!

Oh, Happy Day, Lads!

At long last, our new shade Light/Medium Brown has arrived at port. And ye can order it right now.

Light/Medium Brown be our fifth color shade. We’re delighted to finally be able to offer a temporary beard color solution to all ye privateers with fairer coloring.


Oh, there were problems a-plenty, ye swabs. Long-time customers may recall that around 2015 we rolled out a shade called Light Brown. However, the formulation came out too reddish. After a year, we discontinued selling it. While quite a few customers liked the shade, we did not feel “Light Brown” was an honest representation of what was in the bottle. So we darkened it just a hair and rebranded it “Brown/Auburn”, which is the shade we continue to sell to this day. Aye, we fully intended to also reformulate and relaunch Light Brown, sans the crimson.

Arrrgh, that took four years.

Several challenges held us back. The first be the high cost of launching another new color shade, from packaging design and production to minimum order quantity. The second and perhaps more important issue: turns out that making a light brown shade without any red at all be trickier than it may seem.

Now with a dye, it be easy. Because the ammonia in common drugstore hair dyes like Just for Men Mustache + Beard acts by first stripping away color in the hair follicle. Which gives ye a nice, white base to work from. Then it replaces the color with dye. In other words, lads, ye  be starting with a white piece of paper, so it be pretty easy to create any color ye like (of course, ye all know how we feel about harsh, chemical hair dyes here at Blackbeard for Men!)

But as ye all know, Blackbeard for Men be not a dye. It’s a patented, custom-formulated cosmetic, similar to a “super mascara.” There be no harsh ammonia to strip away yer natural color. All of which is to say, the lighter the color shade, the more difficult it is to make. Since there be no “white” cosmetic base color that would look good on yer mustache and beard, we have to use either red, yellow or orange. And that be precisely why the original Light Brown color came out with a hint of red.

Long story short, lads, it took YEARS of reformulating and testing before we finally cracked it. We think out new Light/Medium Brown shade be an excellent neutral tone without any strong overtones of other colors.

Check it out and let us know what ye think!

May fair winds always fill yer sails.

Cap’n Jim

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Rick W.

I really do love the product and the results. Been using it for years. I put it on and then rub my beard with a dry washcloth. Same for the “Rick W.”

John F.

Got it, thank you! Already getting the attention of much younger ladies😀 ~ John F.


I’m a young guy who plays sports and is at the gym 5 days a week. My hair is dark brown, but my beard has a lot of grey in “Kevin”

Habib T., Charlotte NC

I use it 1st time couple weeks ago – wow! Amazing product – no itchy skin, no chemical, no side effect and look soo natural after first use I order “Habib T., Charlotte NC”

Simon S.

Love it! I initially purchased one just to try, but can now say with a certainty that this will be my go to product for as long as I have “Simon S.”