GRAY EYEBROWS on the horizon!

Ahoy, Mateys!

Well, first the bad news: yer beard might not be the only thing to give yer age away. Your eyebrows can also be a culprit. None other than the Cap’n himself has noticed that lately. My beard has already been going gray for about a decade, but my eyebrows…? That’s new. And disturbing. As disturbing as those strange hairs, which started growing out of my nostrils once I hit 50. Okay, case of too much information, but ye know what I’m gettin’ at: aging sucks!

It sucks in ways expected… and ways unexpected. I did expect things like a graying beard and maybe some creaking joints. I did not expect nostril hair and Gandalf eyebrows. Nostril hair — well, that’s simple. Cut it.

And how do the eyebrows age? They turn gray, of course. But they also thin out.

And here is the good news: Blackbeard for Men can take care of yer eyebrows in the same way it takes care of yer beard. Not only can you get rid of the gray in yer eyebrows, ye can also fill in the thinning spots in a completely natural looking way. Nobody will be the wiser.

In other words, BBFM works on yer brows in the exact same way it works on yer beard. So, fear not, mateys, yer secret of graying and thinning eyebrows will stay safe with us while ye get yer beard — and yer eyebrows — on. ARRR!!!

The Cap’n

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