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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Gray Eyebrows And How To Fix Them!

Gray Eyebrows And How To Fix Them!

Ahoy, Mateys!

Let’s take a break from the beard this week and talk about those other rascals, which can give yer age away. Yer eyebrows! Yer kinda expect that yer beard goes gray at some point… and it does. Usually, it’s the first thing that goes gray. Afterwards, yer just sittin’ on pins and needles waiting for the hair on top of yer head to go gray. And it usually does. What ye don’t expect, though, is that yer eyebrows will go gray, too. It kinda makes sense that they would – they’re made of hair, after all. It still comes as a shock. At least, it did to me.

I had been battling the wintry forest in my beard for quite some time. Then my hair was starting to turn a lighter shade… okay, let’s call it gray. And I was going to battle with that. But once the gray started to creep into my eyebrows, it really threw me for a loop. As ye age, not only do yer eyebrows go gray, they may also thin out. Bottom line: the Cap’n doesn’t like any of that even one bit.

Now, of course, if yer rather young and yer eyebrows are turning gray, it could mean that yer lifestyle isn’t the best. Ye might need to stop smoking and sleep more and possibly exercise a bit, as well as make sure that ye get enough vitamins in yer diet. (For graying eyebrows, ye might wanna look at yer A, C, and E vitamins.)    

“The Queen Anne’s Revenge II” and yer Cap’n at Long Beach Harbor.

But the sad fact remains that for the majority of us it simply means one thing: we’re gettin’ older and perish that thought. Ye can try to pluck yer eyebrows – after all, the pirate lassies do that all the time. But yer a dude. Dudes don’t go around plucking their eyebrows. Besides, as ye age, yer eyebrows also thin. So the last thing ye wanna do is pluck ‘em. Needless to say, ye can’t dye ‘em. Just think about what that ammonia can do to yer cornea. Yikes!

So what can ye do? That’s right! The Cap’n to the rescue. Blackbeard for Men can take care of yer eyebrows in the same way it takes care of yer beard. Not only can you get rid of the gray in yer eyebrows, ye can also fill in the thinning spots in a completely natural looking way. Nobody will be the wiser.

Blackbeard for Men works on yer eyebrows and sideburns in the same awesome way it works on yer beard. Let me hear a hearty “Arr!” And now lift yer bottle of ale, ’cause it’s another battle won!

Mateys, if ye have any questions… about anything – after all, the Cap’n loves to hear himself bloviate – get in touch with us.

May fair winds fill yer sails!


The Cap’n

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