GRAYBEARD: A Beardnificent Pirate Tale

By Cap’n Jim Blackbeard for Men    CAPTAIN PHINNEAS J.GRAYBEARD was in a proverbial pickle. Cabin wench “Voracious” Velia Vavoom, as always overflowing her bustier, pressed her cutlass to Graybeard’s crotch and sashayed into his face. “Who be she?” she demanded. “I can smell her all over ye. Who’ve ye been sticking yer belaying pin […]

Thanksgiving Beard!

Happy Thanksgiving, Mateys! Since Turkeyday is just around the corner, the Cap’n thought this would be a good time to explore the connection between a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and beard growth. Ye may think it’s just a tenuous connection, but ye would be wrong. Pirates, did ye know that a turkey has a beard? Indeed […]

A Pirate Lady’s Opinion on Beards

Ahoy Mateys of the Cap’n! I was asked to give my five doubloons worth of an opinion on the subject of beards and how the lasses might feel about them. My unequivocal opinion on the subject is: well, it depends! Look, swashbucklers, many men wear a beard nowadays (and some women, too). Beards are the […]

Why Men Grow BEARDS!

Ahoy, Mateys! Us bearded dudes seem to be everywhere these days! Ye walk down any street in any city in any part of the world and what do ye see? Beards and beards galore. From three-day stubble to Santa Claus full, from handlebar mustache to refined goatee, we are everywhere. And, mateys, as someone who […]

Help! I’m turning GRAY!

Ahoy, Mateys! It seems that our fellow pirates feel like they need to walk the plank when they gape into the mirror and suddenly see the wintry forest sprouting on their faces. The Cap’n knows what that feels like. After all, it’s why the Cap’n created Blackbeard for Men. Many lads have asked the Cap’n […]