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Dark Brown Brush-On Color

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Our Most Versatile Shade

Blackbeard for Men Formula X Dark Brown is our most popular shade, and that’s because ye can vary the intensity from subtle to bold. Apply heavily straight from the bottle, and it’s a rich, robust dark brown -- almost, but not quite, as dark as our Brownblack.

Or use a lighter touch — wipe off most of the product on the lip of the bottle, or blend with a tissue — and ye can quickly and easily lighten the color to a dashing medium brown.

  • Quick & easy to use - Applies in seconds!
  • Hypoallergenic - Not a dye! No PPDs or harsh chemicals
  • Lasts all day! 8-12 hours or more
  • Water resistant - Won't run in rain or sweat
  • Works great on sideburns & eyebrows, too
  • Can leave some gray if desired - you choose
  • Fills gaps - great to even out spotty or new beard growth
  • Vary color intensity
  • Have just a bit of gray? Wipe it out instantly
  • No nasty chemical odor

Color too dark? Try our Light/Medium Brown shade.
Not dark enough? Try Brownblack or Black.

Still like yer beard dye? No problem, privateers. Use Blackbeard for Men to touch up yer roots and extend the time between dyeing. 

Proceed with confidence, knowing ye look bold - not old!
Blackbeard for Men - get your beard on.

Tip: Blend with our Big Bad Beard Brush for a killer stubble look.

Tip: Want to add a touch of sheen? Put a tiny amount of argan oil on your Big Bad Beard Brush (no more than a pea) and blend.




Dark Brown Brush-On Color

$12.95 Regular price $13.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews


Lawrence Costa
Love it…

I’ve been using this color for years now, and fortunately, the color looks very natural as it blends well with my hair. Couldn’t be happier with it.

Avast, Cap'n Lawrence! Aye, the dark brown is arr most versatile color. It blends with a lot of different shades - very adaptable. I think that's because it naturally varies a bit in intensity as ye apply it, so ye get subtly lighter and darker areas which give it a natural blend. I've been using it meself fer over 12 yarrs now! Thank ye indeed - Capn Jim

Nick Menzel
Great, easy product to apply

After trying other products that were very harsh on my face and left my lips swollen from the acids used in their dye, I switched to brush on beard dye and have been very happy with the results. Love the product!

Aye, Cap'n Nick, the reason I created Blackbeard 13 years ago was because I had the exact same issue. Glad to hear this works fer ye. May yer mast and yer drink always be stiff. Capn Jim C

Dark Brown Brush-On Color

The Dark Brown Brush-On Color works so well and is a perfect match to my hair color.

Ah, me too, Robert! I've been using the dark brown for 12 years now :) Of course, I am the Blackbeard for Men Cap'n, so I guess that probably is not surprising. But so glad to hear it be working fer ye, arrr!


Would be great if I ordered the correct color. Dah?? Needed black as a black man.


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