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Brownblack Brush-On Color

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Our Darkest Brown

Blackbeard for Men Brownblack instant, brush-on, beard, mustache, sideburns, and eyebrow color is our darkest brown -- the color Cap'n Blackbeard himself wore, don't ye know! ;)

A hearty, deep matte brown, Blackbeard for Men Brownblack is a great option for men with very dark brown hair which looks black at times - but in the light ye can see that it’s actually got some brown in it.

  •     Quick & easy to use - Applies in seconds!
  •     Hypoallergenic - Not a dye! No PPDs or harsh chemicals
  •     Lasts all day! 8-12 hours or more
  •     Water resistant - Won't run in rain or sweat
  •     Works great on sideburns & eyebrows, too
  •     Can leave some gray if desired - you choose
  •     Fills gaps - great to even out spotty or new beard growth
  •     Vary color intensity
  •     Have just a bit of gray? Wipe it out in seconds
  •     No nasty chemical odor

Color too intense or not quite right? Try blending with a tissue or beard brush. The tissue will mute the color a bit. Or try our Dark Brown shade instead.

Not dark enough? Try our Black shade.

Still like yer beard dye? No problem, privateers. Use Blackbeard for Men to touch up yer roots and extend the time between dyeing.

Proceed with confidence, knowing ye look bold - not old!
Blackbeard for Men - get your beard on.

Tip: Blend with our Big Bad Beard Brush for a killer stubble look.

Tip: Want to add a touch of sheen? Put a tiny amount of argan oil on your Big Bad Beard Brush (no more than a pea) and blend.





Brownblack Brush-On Color

$12.95 Regular price $13.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Bruce Morris
Great product

Easier than using "Just for Men" you don't have to deal with the mess!

Ahoy Capn Bruce, thank ye indeed fer the kind words! We have noticed a bit more flecks of color on the sink and mirror since we switched to an upgraded bottle late 2023. Possibly because of the slightly bigger brush head. If you do encounter that, the easiest way to remove it is with isopropyl alcohol. Dissolves it right away. Thank ye indeed. Capn Jim C

Jermaine Robinson

Brownblack Brush-On Color

Arr, Jermaine, ye be generous indeed with yer stars! Probably becuz ye be such a huge star yerself, ye can afford to spread some around! OK, that was corny, but so be it! Thank ye again.

Peter Nasrallah

I have not received anything yet lol

Ahoy Peter, thank ye for reaching out. Yer order is in transit and should arrive next week. Arr! Capn Jim C

Nico Peters
Always Satisfied Customer 🕊

I have used this for years now & it cannot compare to other products .

Glad we can help ye look yer roguish best, good sir! May yer mast and yer drink always be stiff.

Ronaldo Garza
Excellent !!

Rexommend it !!

Yer kindness is most appreciated, Cap'n Ronaldo! Remember to wield the power of yer manly mustache and beard responsibly.


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