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Black Brush-On Color
Joseph Gustama

Black Brush-On Color

Black Brush-On Color
Anthony Campbell
Fast delivery

Love the way the order is shipped quickly

When we catch the wind just right, matey! Thank ye indeed fer yer patronage. May yer voyage be bounteous and rich with plunder. --Capn Jim

3 Pack and Seasoap
Mark matthews

Good service

Much obliged, good sir. Please let us know if we can be of any arrrrditional service to ye. -- Capn Jim C

Dark Brown Brush-On Color
Larry Rosenberg
Great color, fragile brushes

The dark brown color is terrific both for the beard and touching up gray in the hair. However, some of the brushes break after a few uses.

Ahoy Larry, thank ye fer the feedback. Please reach out to us directly if ye have any defective bottles, we will replace them. FYI, we have implemented new bottles which should have solved the brush problem. If you are still having the problem with any Blackbeards bought recently please let us know. Thank ye indeed!

Blackbeard is awesome!

Great product! Fast shipping! Fast responses! I’ve been using Blackbeard for years and love it! Easy to use and stays on all day and longer!

Arr, thank ye indeed, good sir. Remember to wield the power of yer beard responsibly. Arrr.
--Capn Jim C.

Great Beard, Mustache and Sideburns Dye

This stuff is great especially for those who have become allergic to the PPD dyes.
Takes a few days to learn how to get it just right (how to apply it so that it's just the right shade you like.) but once you get that down it's smooth sailing. I've been using it for years now and it's a simple part of my daily routine. I use a small eye brow brush/comb to blend in the color on my mustache and the Blackbeard beard brush to do the same for my beard.

Arr, great stuff, Capn Ray! Aye, it can take a wee bit of figuring out at first. I personally always wipe it down with a tissue after applying. That tamps down the color intensity and blends it perfectly. Thank ye indeed fer sharing yer process! --Capn Jim

Arrrrh That's Good Beard Dye

Ahoy and avast! If you're trolling the seas seeking beard-dye treasure, abandon your spyglass and look no further! Dark Brown Brush-On Color will commandeer your vessel to plank-walk your crew! Surrender today or forever dye in vain!

Aye, lad, now that be a review fer the ages! Took the words right outta me gap-toothed mouth, ye did. A thousand hearty thank ye's.

May yer mast and yer drink always be stiff.

Capn Jim

Black Brush-On Color
Thomas Hines
Black beard brush on color

A well ran company with a very good product.

Arrr, matey, ye be spoiling us! We be used to seasickness and hardtack, not kindness and generosity! A thousand thank ye's.

Capn Jim C.


The product is thicker (pasty) than I excepted. However, it covers well, which is appreciated.

Ahoy John, thank ye indeed fer the kind words. Aye, Blackbeard is a thick paste. It's sort of a super mascara formulated for men's coarse facial hair. The paste consistency has several advantages - it doesn't spill, and it can convincingly fill gaps and even redefine the lines of yer beard if ye care to. May fair winds always fill yer sails.

Black Brush-On Color
Eric Lamont Carpenter

Black Brush-On Color

Great product

Easier than using "Just for Men" you don't have to deal with the mess!

Ahoy Capn Bruce, thank ye indeed fer the kind words! We have noticed a bit more flecks of color on the sink and mirror since we switched to an upgraded bottle late 2023. Possibly because of the slightly bigger brush head. If you do encounter that, the easiest way to remove it is with isopropyl alcohol. Dissolves it right away. Thank ye indeed. Capn Jim C

Brownblack Brush-On Color
Jermaine Robinson

Brownblack Brush-On Color

Arr, Jermaine, ye be generous indeed with yer stars! Probably becuz ye be such a huge star yerself, ye can afford to spread some around! OK, that was corny, but so be it! Thank ye again.

FREE Shaving Kit Bag
VenuMadhav Cherukuri

FREE Shaving Kit Bag

Thank you for the kind review, VenuMadhav! -- Capn Jim C, Blackbeard for Men

It is excellent

Black Brush-On Color
Gerald Blackmon
The best


'The best'? Why, ye must be speaking of yerself, good sir! Thank ye indeed. -- Capn Jim

MaxPak Bundle
Jp Plank
Great alternative to dye!

I have been using this product for many years after developing a nasty reaction to chemical dyes. It works great. I wouldn’t color my mustache any other way. Thank you for making a superb product.

That be great to hear, JP. I've been using the product fer many years now and never had so much as a pimple! Thank ye indeed. Calm seas and fair skies. -- Capn Jim

Black Brush-On Color
Daniel Martinez

Black bread

Works as advertised! Thanks.

Love it…

I’ve been using this color for years now, and fortunately, the color looks very natural as it blends well with my hair. Couldn’t be happier with it.

Avast, Cap'n Lawrence! Aye, the dark brown is arr most versatile color. It blends with a lot of different shades - very adaptable. I think that's because it naturally varies a bit in intensity as ye apply it, so ye get subtly lighter and darker areas which give it a natural blend. I've been using it meself fer over 12 yarrs now! Thank ye indeed - Capn Jim

Black Brush-On Color
Manuel Beltran
Best yet

Does not irritate skin.1 question: how many applications per tube if used 1 time daily

Ahoy Manuel, thank ye fer the kind review! As fer how many applications if used once daily, generally it should last 4-6 weeks. However, this is quite variable indeed, depending on yer beard volume as well as how much ye use. For example, a short, well-maintained goatee, mustache and sideburns, applied lightly, ye may be able to get two months out of a bottle. If ye only be using it to touch up a few gray spots here and there, it could last months! 
Someone with a much longer beard however will of course use more product. We generally recommend Blackbeard for beards 3' or shorter; longer than that and application time and amount of product used becomes less desirable. For longer beards, we recommend a gentle, natural henna-based dye to avoid any possible long-term side effects. We also recommend wiping off most of the product on the lip of the bottle before applying to minimize the amount of product used. Thank ye again!

Great, easy product to apply

After trying other products that were very harsh on my face and left my lips swollen from the acids used in their dye, I switched to brush on beard dye and have been very happy with the results. Love the product!

Aye, Cap'n Nick, the reason I created Blackbeard 13 years ago was because I had the exact same issue. Glad to hear this works fer ye. May yer mast and yer drink always be stiff. Capn Jim C

Black Brush-On Color
Darryal Griffin
Great product

I tried you as soon as the best

Cheers to that, Darryal! May yer coffers be overflowing in this upcoming New Yarr. -- Capn Jim

Dark Brown Brush-On Color
Dark Brown Brush-On Color

The Dark Brown Brush-On Color works so well and is a perfect match to my hair color.

Ah, me too, Robert! I've been using the dark brown for 12 years now :) Of course, I am the Blackbeard for Men Cap'n, so I guess that probably is not surprising. But so glad to hear it be working fer ye, arrr!

Excellent Product

Good product does exactly what I intended to do.. cover me Greys!



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