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About Blackbeard for Men

What is Blackbeard for Men?

Blackbeard for Men is patented, water-resistant, brush-on cosmetic hair color specially designed for men’s coarse facial hair. It is NOT a dye. Use it to wipe out the gray in your beard, mustache, sideburns and eyebrows, or even to touch up your roots if you use a dye and don’t want to deal with the enormous hassle (and potential skin irritation) of constantly re-applying the dye. Blackbeard for Men is temporary color that generally lasts around 8-12 hours before it begins to gradually fade.

Is Blackbeard for Men easy to use?

Arr, you bet, matey! Application time is usually under a minute. You just brush it on. If ye accidentally apply too much or get some on your skin, just wipe it off with a tissue. You can also tamp down the color with a tissue, varying the intensity from subtle to bold. Using a beard brush, you can smooth and blend it for a stubble look or add a touch of sheen if you like by adding a drop of beard oil. If ye want to leave a little gray for a natural look, go for it. Blackbeard for Men Formula X dries in about a minute or so. Even then, you can still lighten/blend the color using a tissue or beard brush.

What are the benefits of using Blackbeard for Men?

Look younger instantly! Users of Blackbeard for Men report chopping a decade or more off their appearance in seconds. Check out our before and after pix and see for yourself!

 Proceed boldly, knowing that the world perceives you as younger and more dynamic. You only live once. Make the most of it! With Blackbeard for Men, you’ll know that the world perceives you differently – better, stronger, faster.

Be more attractive. Why does having a thicker, fuller grayless beard make you more attractive? Because we perceive “greybeards” as old, and old equals tired and simply less desirable than new. Maybe it’s a psychological trick, but Blackbeard for Men users do consistently report being perceived as “more attractive.” And of course, younger-looking.

More opportunities for employment/advancement or even on the dating front await the savvy rogue who uses Blackbeard for Men. Unfortunately, ageism is very real. In many fields, youth is valued while age and experience are treated with derision. If you’re looking for a job and you have a gray mustache or beard, unless you’re at the executive level, the deck is heavily stacked against you.And if you're dating and rocking the white Methuselah beard, you may fair it tough sailing. Blackbeard for Men helps you even up the odds.
Leave the white beard to Santa, mateys.
You control your look. With Blackbeard for Men, you control how much product is applied.If you have just a few patches of gray, you can hit them in just a few seconds. If you want a salt n' pepper look, just leave some gray, or use a tissue or beard brush to tamp down the color in places. Wipe out all the gray - or just a bit of it. If you like a stubble look, just use a beard brush or tissue to blend the product and create a smooth, even look instantly.
Ye can't do any of that with a dye!
Don't forget the sideburns and eyebrows. Blackbeard for Men can also cover up gray in your eyebrows, something no dye can do (in fact, most dyes recommend not going anywhere near your eyes, for very good reason!) And you can easily eradicate the gray in your sideburns right into your hairline, even if you don't have a mustache or beard.
Knock down those roots. If you're using hair dye or beard dye, you've certainly encountered the Root Problem. Just a few days after that arduous dying process, you now have a lovely layer of white coming in. Ridiculous. Cover it up fast with Blackbeard for Men and extend the time between dye jobs.
Hold onto yer doubloons. Blackbeard for Men is concentrated; a little goes a long way. A single tube of Blackbeard generally lasts 4-6 weeks for a short, well-trimmed beard and mustache and sideburns -- or longer. We have some users who only need a tube every six months or so for their mustache or sideburns only.
Note: Blackbeard for Men is generally not recommended for beards longer than a few inches.

Is Blackbeard for Men safe to use?

Blackbeard for Men is hypoallergenic and non-toxic when used as directed. It was developed with a leading manufacturer of hair care and cosmetics products. The formulation uses only the finest approved and well-established colorants used safely for decades in other products around the world.

Blackbeard for Men has been independently safety tested by TUV Rheinland Laboratories, who pronounced Blackbeard for Men “safe when used as intended and under circumstances involving reasonable foreseeable misuse according to U.S. Federal Hazardous Substance Act (FHSA) Regulations and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulations for Cosmetic Products.” As well, it has been tested and certified 100% mercury-free.

Blackbeard for Men is not a dye, so it is ideal for people who are sensitive to the harsh chemicals in dyes. Most people who are unable to use dyes are able to use Blackbeard for Men. (Please see our Beard Dye Comparison page for a deep dive into the ingredients used in commercial beard dye.)

That said, always perform a skin test, especially if you have known skin sensitivities, before using Blackbeard for Men. Dab a small amount on your arm and wait 24 hours to ensure there is no reaction. It's also a good idea to take the ingredients list (on the back of the package) to your doctor to discuss if you have concerns.

In the unlikely event you experience any skin irritation or any other unusual effects, please discontinue use of the product immediately and contact a medical professional.

Is Blackbeard for Men tested on animals?


Egads, no! Blackbeard for Men does not support animal testing and we stand with the amazing organizations around the world trying to end it for good. We have never, and will never, test on animals.

As well, our Big Bad Beard Brush is vegan and made with synthetic bristles. Most beard brushes are made with boar hair.

I hope ye all love Blackbeard for Men as much as I do. There be a new gray beard solution in town. Arrr! Get Your Beard On.



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