Happy New Beard!

Ahoy, Mateys!

Happy New Year! Can ye believe it’s already 2017? Where has the time gone? The Cap’n still thinks it’s 1817. But here we are. In yet another new year. What, oh swashy swashbuckler, oh rascally rascal, does it mean to enter a whole new year, ye may ask? Most folks, pirates and landlubbers alike, see it as a new start. A new chance to get it right. To make changes and improvements. Heck, we could all use some improvement, right? Well, the Cap’n has been told he’s one of a kind, so maybe not all of us per se….

Many of the crew have emailed and while wishing us a fantastic (and hopefully drunken) slide into the New Year, have asked how they can make their awesome beards even more awesome in 2017. Do ye, fair buccaneer, have beard goals for this most glorious year that you want to share with us? Please, go ahead. Email us or comment below. And if ye have any questions, fire away… and use the big cannon balls if ye want. The Cap’n has an answer for everything… and even if he doesn’t, he will surely make it up.

So, this begs the question, since we all – or at least the ones who haven’t totally given up hope — have New Year’s resolutions, how do we keep the little bastards? Because, let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Started the New Year with the best of intentions only to backslide by… oh, January 7th or so. Turns out, there are ways ye can stay on the plank, so to speak. Here are some tried and true rules ye may wanna try out:

1. Focus on something ye really want! Sure, yer lassie or pirate lady has probably been admonishing ye to lose weight. Ye know, for yer health and such. And, let’s face it, mateys, she’s probably right. That’s why, according to statistics, married pirates live ten years longer than unmarried pirates. (Especially if yer doctor has been telling ye the exact same thing… and then there’s the high blood pressure thing… and what’s with that cholesterol – is it even fair to measure that? But I digress.) So, it would probably be a good idea to do the smart thing and lose that excess weight. But who are we kidding, right? We are neither smart, nor want to diet. What do you think your chances are to keep that particular New Year’s resolution? Somewhere in the vicinity of zero, zilch, nada sounds about right. So focus on something ye actually, truly, really want to have happen. That way, yer chances to keep yer resolution are going to be a lot higher.

2. Limit the number of changes ye want to make! Let’s face it, pirates, we can’t change our entire lives on a dime… and who‘d want to do that anyway? Focus on a couple of things that are important to you. For example, if yer goal is to get that perfect handlebar mustache, then get to work and follow these instructions to the letter: https://blackbeardformen.com/the-handlebar-moustache/ or if ye wanna have a world-class goatee do the following: https://blackbeardformen.com/all-about-the-goatee/. The Cap’n thinks both are very fine choices when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Ye know, something that will definitely improve yer swashbuckler life.

3. Ye need to be specific! Don’t just tell yerself that ye wanna be a dashing buccaneer and proud pirate of the seven seas, make a plan on how to get there. What are the steps ye need to take and, specifically, what does it mean to you to be a swashbuckler living the fancy-free lifestyle? Once ye got yer plan in place, no Royal Navy will be able to stop ye.

As always, the Cap’n and his crew are here to help. If ye have any questions or concerns, shoot us an email.

Have a great, swashbuckling, successful 2017!

The Cap’n

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