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Brown/Auburn Brush-On Color

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Medium Brown with a Reddish Overtone

Blackbeard for Men Formula X Brown/Auburn shade is for men with a light to medium brown mustache, beard, eyebrows and sideburns with a hint of red.

Applies in seconds. Lasts all day. Looks good.

Use it direct from the bottle for a lustrous medium brown with auburn highlights. Or apply lightly using a “dry brush” technique for more of a light reddish brown or ginger look.
  • Quick & easy to use - Applies in seconds!
  • Hypoallergenic - Not a dye! No PPDs or harsh chemicals
  • Lasts all day! 8-12 hours or more
  • Water resistant - Won't run in rain or sweat
  • Works great on sideburns & eyebrows, too
  • Can leave some gray if desired - you choose
  • Fills gaps - great to even out spotty or new beard growth
  • Vary color intensity
  • Have just a bit of gray? Wipe it out in seconds
  • No nasty chemical odor
Color too strong or not quite right? Try blending with a tissue or beard brush. The tissue will knock down the color intensity significantly for a more ginger look. Or use our Blackbeard for Men Big Bad Beard Brush to blend it for a smoother overall look while subtly reducing the intensity.

Color too red? Try our Blackbeard for Men Dark Brown! Our Dark Brown shade also makes an excellent medium brown when tamped down with a tissue -- perfect for rogues who want a medium brown shade without any auburn overtone.

Still like yer beard dye? No problem, privateers. Use Blackbeard for Men to touch up yer roots and extend the time between dyeing.

Proceed with confidence, knowing ye look bold - not old!
Blackbeard for Men - get your beard on.

Tip: Blend with our Big Bad Beard Brush for a killer stubble look.

Tip: Want to add a touch of sheen? Put a tiny amount of argan oil on your Big Bad Beard Brush (no more than a pea) and blend.

Stowaway Jane blows a kiss






Brown/Auburn Brush-On Color

$12.95 Regular price $13.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sandra morales


Cheers for the kind words indeed! The lighter colors can be a bit trickier to match than the darker ones. Often it takes a bit of experimentation with how heavily ye apply it or possibly tampoing it down with a facial tissue. May fair winds always fill yer sails, matey.

John Chumbley

The product is thicker (pasty) than I excepted. However, it covers well, which is appreciated.

Ahoy John, thank ye indeed fer the kind words. Aye, Blackbeard is a thick paste. It's sort of a super mascara formulated for men's coarse facial hair. The paste consistency has several advantages - it doesn't spill, and it can convincingly fill gaps and even redefine the lines of yer beard if ye care to. May fair winds always fill yer sails.

Darrell D.H.
Great Product!

I have been using the Blackbeard Brown/Auburn color for about two years.
It has a very natural look. It takes a little practice to get fast at putting it on. I’m almost at expert level now. I don’t go a day without it.

Arr! Now that be dashing rogue look if we've ever seen one. Well done indeed, Cap'n Darrell!

Michael Davenport
Great product

Been using it for years

As have we, Capn Mike! 12 yarrs now to be exact. Glad to hear Blackbeard works fer ye. May yer mast and yer drink always be stiff.

Ken A.
Great Product

As a repeat customer, I'm very please with the product.

Thank ye fer the kind words, Cap'n Ken!


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