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Ye Have Questions...

Ye Have Questions...

We've Got Hamsters! hamster Er... no. Start again.

Ye Have Questions... We Have Answers!

Ahoy lads, Cap'n Jim here. We get a fair amount of mail rolling in to us, and there be some interesting questions -- so we thought it best to share the answers with ye lot. Perhaps some of ye have the same questions. So in the interest of bettering piratekind, here be some of the missives from the crew along with our responses.

AS writes: Hi! Have a white beard and I want to dye it partly gray, as it once was. I believe I can mask the parts to stay white with petroleum jelly. If only I could find a gray beard dye or salt and pepper. Is there a way to dilute your black dye to produce gray?

Cap'n Jim responds: Ahoy privateer, thank ye indeed for writing. Alas, good sir, Blackbeard for Men cannot be cut or diluted. One thing that may work -- if ye have a close-trimmed beard -- is to apply using a dry brush technique. That is, wipe off almost all the product on the lip of the bottle until the brush is basically dry. Then using the side of the brush, lightly brush on an overall thin layer. Then using a tissue, wipe away almost all the product. This should leave ye with a gray look. Let us know how it goes.

BC writes: Hi have had hair transplant and would this be safe to use on sides of my head where they have taken donor hair which is grey

Cap'n Jim Responds: Ahoy matey! Thank ye for writing. Aye, I have had the same procedure. Hope it goes well fer ye. Blackbeard for Men is designed for coarse facial hair -- mustache, beard, sideburns. We do not recommend it for hair on yer head, as Blackbeard cannot be combed, and may smudge if ye lay down on a pillow. Perhaps try a gray-reducing shampoo and see how that works for ye. That said, if the hair on the sides of yer head is very short, Blackbeard for Men may work for ye if ye tamp the color down with a tissue. Just make sure ye be well-healed from the procedure, and try a little test on yer skin for a day before applying to yer head. Instances of allergic reactions are rare, but better safe than sorry.

Allyson writes: Would this work to help simulate a beard or just enhance a pre-existing one? (I'm female and looking for beard options for a cosplay)

Cap'n Jim replies: Ahoy Allison, not really. We recommend conventional makeup for that.

CC writes: Ahoy Captain Jim and crew! I have been using Blackbeard for 2+ years now and I am very happy with it, but the dark brown is just a bit too dark for my beard and the brown auburn has too much red. Any suggestions?

Cap'n Jim on the deck with Cheecho

Cap'n Jim replies: Aye, CC, indeed. Firstly, we are planning to roll out a new shade:

Light/Medium Brown. if all goes well, we should be able to get this into production late 2019. In the meantime, have ye tried wiping the dark brown away with a tissue? This lightens the color substantially, and ye may find that the color blends much better that way. Arr!

Jason writes: Hey there I am wondering if Blackbeard for Men will rub off on my pillow?

Cap'n Jim replies: We recommend washing off Blackbeard for Men before bed, pirate. Blackbeard for Men is pretty durable, but it may transfer when rubbed, especially from sideburns on a pillow. Just so ye know, yer Cap'n himself does NOT wash his face before bed... but of course, me sheets are jet black, like me dark, pirate soul!

KT writes: Ahoy there, scallywags, this is yer matey KT here writing from lovely AU, where we have plenty of damn flies but not enough Blackbeard for Men. Will it be sailing into shops soon? International shipping be emptying me treasure chest quick!

Cap'n Jim replies: Avast, Cap'n KT! Yer letter wins the day! Alas, as of now at least, Blackbeard for Men be an internet-only product, shipping from the USA and the UK. So that isn't much help to ye I'm afraid, since the marauders at the USPS keep raising international shipping rates every year in order to fatten up the goose for privatization. And they call us pirates! However, we be in talks with a few Australian companies now, and hopefully we will have a solution for ye before too long!


And finally, Maximo writes: Yo ho ho Capn Jim and crew! I just wanted to share this story. I am 47 years old and after getting divorced three years ago I am finally dating again. The reason I waited three years is not because I was not ready it is because I looked like sh*t. My hair started thinning when I was around 35 and now I am mostly fringes and I wear glasses and worse, my beard went from salt and pepper to full-on white. And on top of all that my beard is also spotty, doesn't grow in fully. I tried dyeing it but it looked preposterous, all one color and fake and I wound up shaving it on day 2. Also the smell! I was a little skeptical about Blackbeard but you know what, it was exactly what I needed because I was able to fill in the gaps. So let me tell you, I shaved my head and got rid of the fringes, and I shaved my beard into a goatee/soul patch and now I use your Brown Black to fill it in and what a difference! Gone is the patchiness, and you know what? I met a girl from the apps Saturday who told me she thought I looked like Heisenberg from Breaking Bad! Well guess what, I am going on my second date with her tonight. Mission accomplished and if you want a testimonial just let me know. That said, I do have a question. Are you going to be coming out with a longer-wearing version? The product is great but it starts to fade for me after around 8-10 hours, and it would be great if it lasted a couple of days. Thank you Captain!

Cap'n Jim replies: Ahoy Maximo, I think ye did just give a testimonial! very happy to hear ye have found a look that works for ye. We do not need to settle for the crap hand life deals us sometimes, lad.

Now as for a new longer-wearing formula, we are in fact always testing new formulations. However, we have yet to come up with a formulation as good as Formula X, which we introduced five years ago. So until we come up with something better, we're sticking with what we have.


Thank ye, privateers! And remember - keep those beards BLACK.

Cap'n Jim

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