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We're 10!

We're 10!

Blackbeard for Men Celebrates 10 Years of Keeping Beards BLACK! (And Dark Brown. And Brown Auburn. And Brownblack. And...)

‘Tis a big event for us hear at the S.S. Blackbeard for Men. It’s been ten years since we first set sail. That’s right – a full decade since Blackbeard for Men started fighting the dread scourge known as Graybeard.

What an incredible voyage it’s been so far! It all started yer humble Cap'n awoke one morning, looked in the mirror and cried tears of dismay over the rapidly increasing snowy white infiltrating me roguishly handsome beard. Arr, I proceeded to try out all kinds of remedies. Most of these left me red-faced and itchy, and, thus, I vowed to not only help meself but also other swashbucklers encountering the same problem.

Ten years ago, when we started our journey of combating the unsightly gray in our mugs, we didn’t know if our fellow buccaneers would take to our product. A scary time indeed, good sirs. But then we started receiving messages in bottles (and sometimes via email, too) telling us: “Thank you, this is the product we’ve been waiting for.” And from that moment on, the wind was in our sails as we expanded to the seven seas and enlarged our fleet to encompass outposts in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Europe.

Swashbucklers and landlubbers alike have enjoyed Blackbeard’s ease of use and, most of all, the complete absence of itching, burning, and general mess-making. And we’ve heard entertaining tales from ye, mateys, about a sudden uptick in yer dating life (arrr!) We received emails about some of ye getting new jobs or promotions thanks to looking younger, as well as messages about your newfound self-confidence. Whenever we hear a tale like that, 17th mate Cheecho brings over a bottle of rum and we celebrate. And trust me, wathcing a 7-pound chihuahua drag over a 6-pound glass bottle is a sight to behold.

To show our gratitude to ye, our loyal brethen in the never-ending fight against evil Graybeard, we have a 10th anniversary surprise for you: 20% off on all Blackbeard orders from August 3rd to August 8th, 2021. Please use the code Blackbeard20 at checkout.

Lads (and lasses,) we be looking forward to sailing the seven seas with ye for yet another decade. Graybeard will be vanquished. Arr!

May fair winds fill your sails.

Cap’n Jim and his crew

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