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Questions for the Cap'n!

Ahoy, Mateys!

When the Cap’n and his crew drop anchor in a port, the local lads sometimes have questions about the Cap’n’s treasure: Blackbeard for Men. There was a particularly smart lad recently askin’ loads of questions. Just in case any of you pirates have similar questions, the Cap’n decided to put all of his answers into this here blog scroll. Ye can always shoot us a message in a bottle with yer questions and the Cap’n will happily respond. Ye can also check out our FAQ’s right here:

Q: I have been using henna for my beard weekly but I have to wear gloves, place newspaper over my sink for dripping and I have to keep it on 40-60 minutes, then rinse again in the shower. I am traveling to Asia for 2 months, staying in many hotels, and hope to NOT have to do any of the FOUR steps I do for henna above. Will your product eliminate all 4 of these steps?

A: Blackbeard for Men requires none of these accursed steps, pirate. Just brush it on. Arr.

Q: Will any of the color come off on my pillow while I sleep?

A: Blackbeard for Men is temporary beard color. It is not a permanent dye. If ye smash your handsome mug into a pillow and rub, there may indeed be some transference of color. If ye sleep face-up with yer honker pointed towards the North Star fer maximum breathing capability, such transference might be minimal, matey. It depends on how one sleeps. But in general, if ye rub hard with some sort of cloth, ye will get some rub-off. If this is an issue, simply wash off the Blackbeard before bed.

Q: I will be using on my full trim beard and sideburns. If it's cold and I wear a hood, will some color transfer to the hood? How about when I remove my t-shirt?

A: Ye should not have any transference of material wearing a hoodie or T-shirt. If you have neck beard and wear collared shirts however, that is something we do not recommend. Blackbeard for Men should not rub-off with just casual brushing against something, such as a T-shirt going on or off.

Q: Will the color come off from my moustache while I eat or drink? If so, is it 100% safe for ingestion?

A: Nay, it will not come off unless ye eat a bit of yer mustache, lad! Blackbeard for Men has been safety tested by TUV Rheinland labs, but we have never tested actually eating it in any sort of significant quantities. We also recommend blotting with a napkin rather than rubbing. In general, once ye apply it, leave it be.

Q: Naturally my beard was ash brown, what color should I buy?

A: It be hard to say without seeing a photo. Recommend ye check out the color swatches on our web page. Remember, ye can vary the intensity by how lightly or how heavily ye apply yer Blackbeard, so matching yer tone should not be hard. Ye can also tamp it down or blend it with a Kleenex if the color be too strong. Dark brown be our all-purpose brown and can work for everything from medium brown (when partly wiped off) to a very strong full dark brown. However if ye need darker than that, brownblack be the color fer ye.

Q: For daily use on a trim beard w/goatee and sideburns, how many uses out of one bottle?

A: Typically that would be 4-6 week. Lads, the Cap'n is always happy to hear from ye. So don't hesitate to give a holler.

May fair winds fill yer sails.


The Cap'n

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