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Ahoy, Mateys!

Let’s talk about goatees. They’re great to grow if yer mug is on the round side or yer chin isn’t as pirate-y as ye want it to be. One thing to consider before deciding on a goatee is the difference between yer skin tone and hair color. If yer hair color is very different from yer skin tone that’s great for yer goatee, because it’ll be a lot more dramatic.

goatee Needless to say, there are different styles of goatees: the more traditional one is the “off-yer-chin-only” variety. Ye know, the more “goat-like” one — hence, goatee. Then there’s also the “Van Dyke” — a goatee with a disconnected mustache (it’s a bit more work, cause ye have to trim it all the time). Another option is the “circle beard” — a goatee connected to a mustache which grows in a circle around yer mouth. This one’s a good choice if yer jawline is on the softer side. Then there’s also the “musketeer” — ye know, like the novel. Basically, it is a mash-up between a goatee and a mustache, but the goatee part grows longer down yer chin and it needs to be slim and trim.

Once ye’ve decided on the type of goatee ye want, let yer facial hair grow out. Don’t attempt to shape it right away. It should be well-grown and a bit bushy before ye start shaping it. Then start by shaving from yer neck with a trimmer blade. Then move on to yer chin and up yer cheeks. Shave the outline of yer goatee so to speak. Don’t shave too much right away. Remember, if yer goatee is too long, ye can always cut it a bit. But if ye shave too much right off the bat, ye’ll just have to wait for it to grow back before yer next attempt.

After having yer outline, start shaping that goatee of yours. Ye need to have an accurate, sharp razor for a cleaner, easier shave. Before ye start cutting into that future goatee of yours, run a comb through it. Only if ye comb it out will ye get an accurate sense of how long yer goatee really is. In other words, how much can you realistically take off.

After having the type of goatee ye want, it’s all about maintaining it. A goatee ye have to trim regularly, cause it needs to look clean around the edges. And remember, a goatee generally looks best when the rest of yer mug is clean-shaven.

If ye have any questions, feel free to send us an email or ask in the comments’ section below and we’ll be happy to answer.

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