Rated Top 7 Beard Dye for 2020 by Gadget Reviews!

Wow! Thank ye indeed, Gadget Reviews! It is quite the honored to be judged one of yer Top 7 Beard Dyes for 2020. This is especially remarkable considering we didn’t even have to pay ye lads anything! 😉


Aye, indeed, This was a fair review, and we have no affiliation with the company and be receiving no kickbacks from them. Here be a brief excerpt of what they had to say:

“Maybe you prefer to get your beard professionally dyed, but you still have a week before your next appointment with your barber and your grays are starting to show in your beard. If this sounds familiar, then we think the Blackbeard for Men Formula X beard dye is a great solution. This quick-fix beard dye is perfect for touch-ups when an errant gray appears, or for you to reduce the total amount of grays in your beard.

Because of this, we think it’s the best beard dye for a salt and pepper look. You’ll like that this travel-friendly design comes with an applicator wand that allows for precise application to the random grays you might have. This is also a hypoallergenic beard dye that dries down instantly and is water-resistant.”

Now truth be told, Blackbeard for Men is not actually a dye — it is in fact a cosmetic beard color. It be an important distinction, because dyes penetrate the hair follicle. Cosmetic color is surface-only. Ye see, the way it works is that the harsh drugstore beard dyes (ye all know which ones I be referring to) first strip away the color in the hair using ammonia (aye, seriously!), or another chemical that acts similarly, in order for the color to stain the hair. That be why do many of these product have that harsh, chemical smell like ye be beating cleaning solution straight up yer nose — because ye ARE! That is also why ye often have to mix two packets — one strips the color, the other replaces it.

Whereas with cosmetic color, it does not strip anything. Yer hair remains unhurt! Blackbeard for Men is surface-only color. Now that does mean that the product is temporary of course. But it also means far, far less reactions and skin sensitivity.

Thank ye again to the fine pirates over at Gadget Reviews. Go, go, Gadget Reviews! (That be an Inspector Gadget reference, for anyone who didn’t catch it.)


–Cap’n Jim

Blackbeard for Men

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