Celebrate LABOR DAY like a PIRATE!

Ahoy, Mateys! Let’s take a step back from our beard grooming needs this week and talk about Labor Day! Needless to say, even during the holiday, the Cap’n is here to take care of all of yer beard’s needs. In fact, there will be a Labor Day Sale from 9/1 through 9/5. Enjoy! Now, let’s […]

Blackbeard’s Birthday Sale!

Ahoy Mateys! Tomorrow starts our annual Blackbeard’s Birthday Sale! And in honor of our namesake, we’ve got a sale for ye lads. We are discounting our Brownblack 50 %. Now, Brownblack was our namesake’s beard color of course, but it’s also our newest product. For some of ye mateys our dark brown is too light, […]

No Valentine’s Day Sale This Year. Argh.

Ahoy, faithful crew, Cap’n Jim here with the unfortunate news that we will not be able to offer our traditional Valentine’s Day Sale this year. But fear not — ye won’t have to wait long. We’re planning on having back-to-back St. Patrick’s Day (March) and Blackbeard’s Birthday (April) sales. And speaking of Valentine’s Day… Cap’n […]

The Real Pirates

Ahoy, mateys! The Cap’n here with some bad news: USPS has raised their prices for the fourth year in a row. As ye know, all ye long-time crew members, we’ve never raised our shipping prices and have been eating the USPS price hikes instead of passing it on to you. We’ll continue to do that […]

Happy New Year! Happy New Beard!

Happy New Year, Mateys! Let’s make 2016 a great one. To celebrate the new year, we’ve got a sale going on. 25% off until midnight on Sunday. We’ve got many exciting new things happening at Blackbeard for Men. This year, you’ll finally be able to find us in selected retail outlets (more details to come) […]