International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy, Mateys! Time to shine yer cutlass and practice yer “arr’s.” Why? ‘Cause our day is comin’ up, ye bearded buccaneers and swashbucklers. “International Talk like a Pirate Day” is on the horizon. Watch out for this global holiday on Wednesday, September 19th. The Cap’n and his crew might also have a bit of a […]

Let’s Talk About Classy Beards!

Define Your Beard

Avast, me hearties! Cap’n Jim is feeling classy. And that, lads, be a rare thing indeed. The Cap’n, of course, is chawing about a classy beard. How do ye get a classy beard, ye may ask. Well, fear not, mighty swashbuckler! The Cap’n is here to tell ye exactly what to do. (The Cap’n likes […]

Birthdays. Aargh.


Lads! As yer Cap’n writes this, I be just days away from me birthday. Not sure why we celebrate this day. Who wants to be a year older? Let’s face it, with the exception of the ultra-rich and the globalist elites who seem curiously impervious to meeting their maker, all of us kick the proverbial […]

The Cap’n Conquers the Emerald Isles

Giant Guiness

  Ahoy, lads! Cap’n Jim here to share with ye what we’ve been up to the last few weeks. We received an “invitation” from a certain ‘Lord Mayor’ in a sleepy Irish seaside town that shall go unnamed. A cunning, clever conniver after yer Cap’n’s own dark heart, Lord Mayor told us that the town’s […]

Beard Care Mistakes to Avoid!

Stormy Skies

Ahoy, Mateys! Today, let’s talk not of the beauty of the beard, but how ye can ruin said beauty. Not that we’d ever do it on purpose. But sometimes even a mighty buccaneer makes mistakes. Let’s start with an all-too-obvious snafu (yeah, that stands for “situation normal all fucked up” and pretty much describes the […]