And Then There Be GRAY

Then There Be Gray

Fellow Scoundrels and Brothers in Beardnificence, Cap’n Jim here with ye a horrific quasi-true story that should serve as a cautionary tale to us all. Recently, Cap’n Tanya (me partner in Blackbeard for Men) and I attended what ye might call a “trade show.” In short, this be a roomful of lying pirates trying to […]

Beard Care Mistakes to Avoid!

Stormy Skies

Ahoy, Mateys! Today, let’s talk not of the beauty of the beard, but how ye can ruin said beauty. Not that we’d ever do it on purpose. But sometimes even a mighty buccaneer makes mistakes. Let’s start with an all-too-obvious snafu (yeah, that stands for “situation normal all fucked up” and pretty much describes the […]

Half Empty or Half Full?

half empty haf full

Ahoy, Mateys! The Cap’n woke up from a long, rum-induced slumber this morn’ and realized to his utter consternation that half the year had already gone by. How is that possible, he wondered? The older the Cap’n gets the quicker time seems to pass. Holidays seems to come around a lot more often and the […]

Everything You Need To Know About SUMMER BEARDS!


Ahoy, Mateys! Let’s talk about the time of year: summer – and how that affects our best asset. Now you’ve probably heard some landlubber tell ye’ somethin’ like: “Yo, mighty buccaneer, aren’t ye too warm with that cat on yer face?” Well, if ye choose to forego gutting his innards with yer hook and decide […]

Life (and Price) Hacks for your Beard!

Ahoy, Mateys! Yer Cap’n was just surfing the interwebs to stay on top of what the beard community is chewing the fat about and noticed a very, very concerning trend: people tryin’ to sell ye shite in the disguise of informative blog posts. And all the Cap’n can say to that is “Argh!” That wasn’t […]