Some Help for the SIDEBURNS!

Ahoy Mateys! Last week we talked about takin’ care of yer eyebrows. This week we wanna talk about yer sideburns. And, yeah, we’re using the “royal we” here, since the Cap’n not only talks about himself in the third person but is also multi-faceted. So, let’s talk about yer sideburns. Here is the most important […]

GRAY EYEBROWS on the horizon!

Ahoy, Mateys! Well, first the bad news: yer beard might not be the only thing to give yer age away. Your eyebrows can also be a culprit. None other than the Cap’n himself has noticed that lately. My beard has already been going gray for about a decade, but my eyebrows…? That’s new. And disturbing. […]

BrownBlack On Its Way and Other Changes Afoot

Avast, me fellow adventurers, The Cap’n here with a little screed to inform ye of some changes we be making around the ship. First and most excitingly, we be pleased to announce the impending arrival of our new BrownBlack shade. Blackbeard for Men BrownBlack be midway between our dark brown and black. It be arriving […]

Captain’s Log

Ahoy, scalawags! In case ye haven’t noticed, and pardon our dust, there have been a few changes over here at the good ship Blackbeard for Men. We’ve been working relatively hard (well, gotta leave some quality rum time, don’t ye know…) to bring all of ye a better customer experience. To start, ye may have […]

Make Your Gray Walk The Plank

By “Cap’n” Jim Cirile (featured on Ahoy, brethren in beardliness! Ye’ve grown yerself a fine, fine scruff there on yer chin, rich with color. Well, me hearties, enjoy it while it lasts. For 100% of us pirates have this in common: as we get older (and better,) our mustaches and beards turn a ghastly […]