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Beard Brush

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The Big Bad Beard Brush
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The Blackbeard Big Bad Beard Brush

Looking for a fast, easy way to blend yer Blackbeard for Men? Blackbeard for Men's Big Bad Beard Brush is the answer. Five mighty inches from stem to stern, this rugged brush will tame the heartiest of beards. Use the Big Bad Beard Brush to tone down or lighten up yer Blackbeard for Men, blend the edges or clean up mistakes. An accessory every swashbuckling rogue needs.

  • contoured to your hand
  • natural beechwood handle
  • vegan - 100% synthetic bristles
  • comes in a velvet drawstring bag

Directions: After applying Blackbeard for Men, brush gently in soft strokes, blending the color until ye achieve the desired look. Do not use if skin is broken or irritated.

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Cap'n Jim and his crew, scuttling the salacious scourge of gray facial hair with Blackbeard for Men instant, brush-on beard color. Arr.

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